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D.I.Y. Therapy: Are You Afraid To Communicate?

A major blockade in depression is communication. It’s difficult to communicate unhappiness with family and friends, especially when it feels all-encompassing. You might began to feel like a burden to others if you are consistently unhappy.  After a while I was tired of my own depression, but I didn’t know how to communicate my feelings. A […]

Self Defense: Free Speech Vs. Hate Speech

I still remember how scared I was at school for the many years I was bullied. It can be absolutely terrifying to have a group of people be so cruel because they are so full of spite and anger. Though I’ve grown older and found healing I’m often reminded of that part of my journey like […]

Self-Defense: The Mistakes Of Teaching Violence “Prevention” to Women and Girls

“Prevention” is a word thrown around a lot in regards to self-defense. I really don’t like using it when I teach a class. Most prevention advice delves into ridiculous victim blame and only encourages females to feel fear. The advice goes something like this: “Don’t flirt too much, don’t wear revealing clothing at a party […]

Win FREE SELF-DEFENSE Products in My Winter Giveaway! – Empowering and Educating Women and Youth.

Win self-defense products in my winter giveaway! *No purchase necessary.* This event has 4 main goals! 1. GIVEAWAY – Write a comment on the EVENT PAGE( between now and January 5, 2016 and you will be ENTERED TO WIN either 1 Kubaton Keychain or 1 Personal Alarm Flashlight. Only ships in the USA. 2. COMMUNITY […]

Self-Defense Video: How to Escape a Rear Choke!

You DESERVE to fight back! This instructional video shows what to do if someone tries to choke you from behind. There are four parts to this move. Grab the arm, tuck your chin, bend forward and use your arm to push them to the ground. When teaching self-defense I always stress the importance of striking […]

Self-Defense Video: How to Grab the Pinky and Thumb to Knock Down An Attacker

This is a really simple move that just about anyone can maneuver. Grab the pinkie and thumb and twist them away from you! YOU MATTER! Your life is worth defending. Don’t live in fear, be aware. When I teach self-defense I always stress the importance of vital points! If you gouge the eyes they can’t see […]

The 5 Most Powerful Self Defense Weapons Every Woman and Girl Should Know

Not everyone has access to pepper spray or a stun gun and even if we do, its unlikely we ALWAYS have it on us and ready to use. That’s why it’s imperative to be aware of common items that can be used for self-defense. Look around you at work, school, on your lunch break, at […]

Do Stun Guns Actually Work? This Man Shares His Experience Getting STUNNED!

I’ve often wondered what would happen if I got stunned. So far I’m too afraid to find out. Luckily there are people out there willing to be shocked, like the man in this video. When using a stun gun try to aim for the neck, torso or hips. Depending on the size of the person […]

Retro Self- Defense: How Women Fought in the 1940’s!

You may have seen this video making the rounds on social media. I have seen it a few times and LOVE it!  Made in 1947 it shows an average sized woman consistently flipping, knocking and pulling down a larger muscular male “attacker”.  While I’m not sure I could flip someone over my back like she […]

From Distress to Defense: Teaching Princesses To Be Their Own Knight in Shining Armor!

You can’t make it through childhood without consuming images of girls as the weaker sex and fairy tales of girls as princesses and boys as knights in shining armor. As girls we are taught to wait for someone stronger, someone with a Y chromosome, to save us. Even as media has progressed, these misleading images […]