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Did you hear about the good news?

I have submitted and had my work accepted to this zine. It’s a radical publication! Check it out!

intercultural press

We’re now accepting submissions for our new online fall literature and art galleries! 🎃

We’ll be considering a wide range of mixed media art and creative writing. We’re looking for paintings, sketches, photography, poetry, spoken word, horror, sci-fi, mystery, flash fiction, playwriting, and even videography 📽 no specific theme!

Jusst send us an email @ interculturalpress2017@gmail.com with your name, work, bio, and any social media links or websites you want us to share with the world 😁 DEADLINE IS SEPTEMBER 22nd at midnight 🌙

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Episode 10: Lizard Brains & Courage

Have you heard of your reptilian brain and how it controls your old school survival skills, aka your fears and doubts? This episode touches on that part of us, how we might take control of it and how being courageous can help us heal. This podcast was inspired by a section of the book “Steering by Starlight” by Martha Beck. It’s been one of the most important books in my healing journey.

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Episode 9: A Diet of Self-Love

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The concept of self-love was brought to my attention by Michelle Minero a therapist in San Francisco, who wrote an amazing book titled ‘The Self Love Diet: The Only Diet That Works’. It’s a fantastic book and I highly recommend it if you suffering from body issues or are healing from depression. You can grab a copy at TheSelfLoveDiet.org. I read the book two years ago and still have it on my Kindle. An action we can take toward healing is stopping negative thoughts. Once we start thinking negatively about ourselves it’s too easy to stay stuck in that loop. It’s vital that we counter attack our judgmental thoughts with loving thoughts and actions.

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Empowering Discussions

Reduce Stress & Anxiety: 10 Easy Ways To Live More With Less

Do you feel like you have too much stuff? Do you get anxiety about shopping? Do you believe that your worth is measured by what you own? I used to feel these ways, but by embracing a more minimalist lifestyle I’ve stopped allowing stuff to rule my life. Here are 10 simple actions to start your own journey to more mental and physical freedom from stuff!

  1. If you love to read, but have too many books, you can share and receive books from your neighborhood’s little library.
  2. Instead of spending hours at the mall shopping, host a clothing swap with your friends or larger community.
  3. Invest in 75% basic clothing pieces so your closet isn’t overflowing.
  4. Clear your calendar so you have one day or one partial day each week without plans.
  5. Instead of buying that cute, but unnecessary item, transfer that amount of money from your checking to savings account.
  6. Designate a box to hold things you haven’t used in a while. After 3 or 6 months if you haven’t needed that stuff sell it, donate it, or trade it for something you do need.
  7. Organize everything. Get rid of the stuff that you don’t use or put that stuff in storage.
  8. Think about why you shop. Is it to feel better? Is it to keep up with what’s trendy? If so, consider stopping yourself the next time you want to shop and do something that doesn’t require you to drag a reusable bag full of stuff home.
  9. Shred or recycle all the dated paperwork, birthday cards, and notes that clutter your desk. Consider scanning important documents and saving those on a USB or in the cloud.
  10. Start today or set a firm date on our calendar in the next 3 weeks. – Don’t keep putting it off.

I hope these 10 ways to reduce stress are helpful to you. I have used minimalism as one of many tools to heal my depression and anxiety. Back in the day I used retail therapy to feel good about life, but the thrill of new stuff never lasted long. It also pushed me into debt. Today I’m much healthier and happier cultivating experiences and friendships instead of amassing stuff as a way to give my life value. Check out the “Categories” drop down menu in the upper right corner for more healing resources and empowering discussions. Peace & hugs, Leah

I’m an artist & writer on a mission to bring healing arts into the mainstream by creating projects like Radical Zine a free online publication self-care, poetry and art.

Radical Magazine

Issue 13 of Radical – Healing, Art, & Poetry

Hello all you wonderful, fantastic, compassionate, creative humans. I’m stoked to share issue 13 of Radical Zine! Ooooh, that rhymes. – The summer issue honors artist and visionary Storme Webber and features a new section sharing some extra awesome articles. – Creative contributors include Jasmine Farrell, Lauren Elizabeth, Esmeralda Robles, Dee Words, Daisy Salinas, Iris Orpi, Kat Cassar, Samuel Gratton, Myself, and Steve Pleich. – The DIY healing lesson is about rediscovering our wildish femme centered natural self! I hope you enjoy this issue

Read it free on Issuu.com/RadicalArt.

Thank you to all my patrons on Patreon for supporting this community project to support artists and writers along with radical self-care resources. A special shout out to Deb Bailey of Women Entrepreneur’s Radio and Daisy Salinas of Muchacha Fanzine.

D.I.Y. Therapy, podcast

Episode 8: Calm Your Anxiety

Listen to Episode 8 on my Breaker.audio page!

This podcast is about calming anxiety and taking control of your life. If this process doesn’t work for you, please continue researching for one that does. Below is a summary of my anxiety action plan.

Step One: Change your thoughts when you start to feel anxious.

Stay away from ‘What ifs’. Imagining the worst-case scenario doesn’t prepare us, it makes us anxious and scared.

Challenge negative thoughts with positive thoughts.

Stop overthinking. When we overthink, we live too little.

Step Two: Write a mantra that resonates with you.


Step Three: Take a break or continue on.

Slow your breathing back to normal and either continue with my task at hand or take a break and focus on something peaceful. Remembering positive experiences where you took control of your life or successfully completed a project really helps to KNOW that you really are okay now and will be okay no matter what happens.

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Ep. 7: Cry it Out

Do you feel like crying makes you weak? Do you stop yourself from crying or berate yourself when you do?

I used to view crying as a bad habit. It was only acceptable for children to cry, but not adults. This podcast is about letting go of reasons why to not cry, inviting in and releasing our pain and frustrations so that we can move forward with compassion.

Listen to episode 7 on Breaker.audio.

I hope you find this podcast helpful on your own healing path. THANK YOU PATRONS for supporting my healing projects!!! If you aren’t a patron you can signup at Patreon.com/Loviedo and get rewards like e-books, accountability emails, journal questions, and art.

Peace and hugs, Leah


Ep. 6: Balanced Emotions

If you often feel like your emotions are a rollercoaster, then this podcast is for you. I walk you through my 7 rules to keep my emotional responses balanced and my stress down.

Over the years I have been able to find a balance. Oh how I love the inner peace it brings. Occasionally I feel overpowered by my feelings, but compared to how often I used to let my emotions control me, I see and feel a huge difference. It’s had a positive impact on my life.

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Episode 5: Sunny Mindfulness Practice

Who likes to sit in the sun and soak up the warmth on these cool winter days?

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I love to sit in the sun year round. As long as it’s not too hot, the sun rays relax and rejuvenate me. So, for this week the podcast is a mindfulness practice for who ever answered yes to the question above.

If you would like more mindfulness podcasts or would like to share your experience with this practice, leave a comment! I love hearing from my patrons and followers.

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As the Earth Cracks Open -Poetic Illustration

As the earth cracks open… A new world shines from underneath our feet. Wonder and curiosity seep up, forcing open our muted eyes, sprouting winged thoughts we fly into a brave new world. Unexplored caverns open into mystical tunnels, over bridges, through forests and urban landscapes we traverse into a new part of our journey” -Leah Oviedo

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