Self Defense

Do Stun Guns Actually Work? This Man Shares His Experience Getting STUNNED!

I’ve often wondered what would happen if I got stunned. So far I’m too afraid to find out. Luckily there are people out there willing to be shocked, like the man in this video.

When using a stun gun try to aim for the neck, torso or hips. Depending on the size of the person they will be unable to move for 5-30 minutes. These days most stun guns are equipped with a safety pin tha wraps around your wrist. This way if it’s taken away from you the pin will be instantly removed and the stun gun cannot be used against you.

If you own a stun gun, it’s important to practice holding, it, turning it on, and pulling it out of your holster or pocket.  When practicing be sure to only allow the volts to flash for a second. If you hold it on for too long and it’s not touching someone it will burn out and be useless. However when you’re defending yourself against an attacker hold it against their body until they fall down. If you want to arm yourself with a stun gun please check out my shop


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Be aware, don’t live in fear!


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