Self Defense

Self-Defense Video: How to Escape a Rear Choke!

You DESERVE to fight back! This instructional video shows what to do if someone tries to choke you from behind. There are four parts to this move. Grab the arm, tuck your chin, bend forward and use your arm to push them to the ground.

When teaching self-defense I always stress the importance of striking vital points! If you gouge the eyes they can’t see where you move next, if you dig your nails into their ears and yank down they suffer tremendous pain, if you punch the solar plexus their breath is taken away and if you “pick the peaches” (grab, twist and pull on the testes) you can bring them to their knees giving you a chance to run for heLp and call the police. Read more Self-Defense Articles.

Be aware, don’t live in fear.

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I’m a certified self-defense instructor and encourage all women and girls to know their lives are important. You can learn more on the SELF-DEFENSE page. Please share this with your friends. Together we can create safer spaces.

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