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Win FREE SELF-DEFENSE Products in My Winter Giveaway! – Empowering and Educating Women and Youth.

Win self-defense products in my winter giveaway!

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*No purchase necessary.*

This event has 4 main goals!

1. GIVEAWAY – Write a comment on the EVENT PAGE( between now and January 5, 2016 and you will be ENTERED TO WIN either 1 Kubaton Keychain or 1 Personal Alarm Flashlight. Only ships in the USA.

2. COMMUNITY SUPPORT – I’ll donate 10% of my profits to the Women’s Resource Center. This wonderful organization offers resources and support to women, children and men who are victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. These crimes do not discriminate!
**BONUS: Every order over $100 automatically will receive for free, their choice of the keychain or alarm flashlight.

3. EDUCATE – As a self-defense instructor and survivor of violence, it is my mission in life to raise awareness about the importance of self-defense and ways we can end violence in or communities.

4. FREE SELF-DEFENSE CLASSES – The main reason I became a Damsel in Defense Rep is to fund FREE classes for women and youth.


I LOVE teaching self defense. Between experiencing violence in my youth, working at a resource center for DV and SA and the stories students share with me, teaching self defense has become my purpose.

I also love keeping my classes FREE.

With support from you and other friends I became a Damsel in Defense representative this autumn. Now I have the opportunity to fund my free classes by selling personal alarms, fashlights, pepper spray, stun guns, keychains and other personal safety products.

My goal is to receive at least 10 orders between now and January 5. Will you help me reach my goal by inviting your family and friends to this event!
Start *shopping now at

*It’s advisable to shop on a laptop or computer. Phones and tablets can be difficult.

Be sure to invite your family and friends who would benefit from self-defense awareness.

FYI:  Comments for the giveaway must appear on the Facebook event page,

I’m a certified self-defense instructor and encourage all women and girls to know their lives are important. You can learn more on the SELF-DEFENSE page. Please share this with your friends. Together we can create safer spaces.



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