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D.I.Y. Therapy: Are You Afraid To Communicate?

A major blockade in depression is communication. It’s difficult to communicate unhappiness with family and friends, especially when it feels all-encompassing. You might began to feel like a burden to others if you are consistently unhappy.  After a while I was tired of my own depression, but I didn’t know how to communicate my feelings. A while back I began working on my communication skills and felt like I was making real progress, so I stopped when I felt like I had learned what I needed. I should have continued.

After quite an awful spring I was beginning to feel so depressed that I treated a friend rather badly (read my post on regret) and put serious strain on our relationship. This summer I learned that I still need a lot of work in regards to communication. Healthy communication is a skill I must be and want to be aware of on a regular basis.

“Communicate with compassion and openness. Holding questions, concerns and anger inside is unhealthy.”

When I asked myself why I am afraid to communicate, these were my answers.

  • People won’t care.
  • People will be mean or take advantage of me.
  • I will be a burden to others.
  • I will look weak.
  • It’s not necessary to share.
  • I should be able to handle problems on my own.
  • I don’t actually want to follow through or move forward on what I’m not communicating!

None of these are valid reasons, but I have convinced myself they are. So now that I’m aware of why I don’t want to communicate I can choose to not allow fear or doubt to guide my decisions.

Why are you afraid of communicating?

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