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Retro Self- Defense: How Women Fought in the 1940’s!

You may have seen this video making the rounds on social media. I have seen it a few times and LOVE it!  Made in 1947 it shows an average sized woman consistently flipping, knocking and pulling down a larger muscular male “attacker”.  While I’m not sure I could flip someone over my back like she did, some of these moves are spot on.


Did you see that move where she bent over, grabbed his leg, pulled him off-balance and then twisted his ankle putting her in the position of power? That was amazing.

Throughout the video she shows that technique can be as helpful as strength. She grabs his hair to control where his head goes, yanks his arms in unnatural positions, pins him down and uses his momentum to throw him off of her.

When I teach self-defense I always stress the importance of vital points! If you gouge the eyes they can’t see where you move next, if you dig your nails into their ears they suffer tremendous pain, if you punch the solar plexus their breath is taken away and if you “pick the peaches” (grab, twist and pull on the testes) you can bring them to their knees giving you a chance to run for heLp and call the police.


YOU MATTER! Yor life is worth defending. Don’t live in fear, be aware.

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Be aware, don’t live in fear!

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