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My New Book is Here! “DIY Therapy: Healing Depression” is Finally Published

For several years I have been working on healing my depression. It’s been a bumpy journey, but is slowly bringing me home to my true self. For a few years now I have been sharing my healing process through my DIY Therapy posts, which are free to read, here on my blog. I’m elated to […]

From Dove to Phoenix; a Journey by Guest Writer Jasmine Farrell

I first found work by Jasmine on Instagram and immediately fell in love with her words. She has definitely risen from the ashes to grace the world as a phoenix and I hope you enjoy her guest post as much as I did. My book, Phoenixes Groomed as Genesis Doves is about my journey to […]

Guest Post: Journaling a Lifetime by Meghan McDonnell

If there’s one thing I love, it is learning about other people’s experiences on this life journey. It’s a way to learn new ideas and share in compassion with the obstacles, joys and events that mold us into our unique self. I was very intrigued when Meghan Hill reached out to me about her memoirs […]

Book Review “Szen Zone” by Gary Szenderski

There are two main reasons I read a book, either for escape or knowledge. On this blog I only review non-fiction books that help with personal development so I was happy to be gifted the “Szen Zone” by Gary Szenderski. It’s one of those books that you can start wherever you like. I would pick […]

Free Activity Book: “More Than Just a Girl”

Six years ago I started a new job at a resource and counseling center for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Growing up I was well aware of these problems. When I was a baby my mother and her friends started a shelter for abused women, I personally knew women who had escaped abuse […]

Book Review “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin

After years of being stuck in depression for over a decade I finally feel happiness once again. It is THE most magnificent feeling and I’m grateful to have it growing inside of me. It’s taken a lot of painful and not so painful work. I must be careful not to slide backwards into depression so […]

Book Review “Oh Flux How did I get Here” by Patricia Rundblade

“Oh Flux How did I get Here: 8 Simple Strategies to Begin Transforming Your Life Today” by Patricia Rundblade. What really stood out to me in “Oh Flux” by Patricia Rundblade was the authors honesty. So many books in the self-help genre are so impersonal that I don’t connect with the message, lose interest and […]

Book Review: “Some (Amazing) People I Know” by Keith Maginn

Chances are you know some amazing people, people who despite the odds have overcome tragedy or worked diligently to improve their communities. Theirs are not exciting stories of exceptional danger, but still inspire. That is the premise in the book. “Some (Amazing) People I Know” by Keith Maginn. The author Keith Maginn created this book […]

Book review: “Crossroads: Women Coming of Age in Today’s Uganda”

What a great book. I was gifted a copy of this a few weeks ago and truly enjoyed reading the stories. “Crossroads: Women Coming of Age in Today’s Uganda” is a collection of essays by women of various ages and areas across Uganda. These stories are somewhat foreign yet several of their experiences are familiar […]

Free Coloring Book: Peace, Love and Weirdness

Life can be stressful; sometimes we need to slow down and choose activities with no real attachment or set goal in mind. The simple act of coloring is a great action for relaxing, balance, and meditation. Since I love to draw and color, I created a coloring book that’s free to download. “Peace Love and […]