express yourself coloring page by Leah Oviedo

This is one of the pages from the free coloring book I created, “Peace, Love & Weirdness“. Affirmation for Self Expression I am unique and unique is wonderful. I love myself unconditionally. I express my passions and needs with openness. I have every right to be myself. I express my true colors. I have pride […]


I first found work by Jasmine on Instagram and immediately fell in love with her words. She has definitely risen from the ashes to grace the world as a phoenix and I hope you enjoy her guest post as much as I did. My book, Phoenixes Groomed as Genesis Doves is about my journey to […]

Perfect, whole, complete

You are complete! Trust yourself. You can improve upon yourself and add new skills, more compassion, more love, more knowledge, but the reality is you were born completely whole. I sometimes forget this, getting caught up in the perception of loneliness and feelings of incompetence, but I’m never truly alone because I have my whole […]

Art created from natural debris by Leah Oviedo

Life is complex….in case you hadn’t noticed. This summer my youngest cousin graduated high school and one of my closest loved ones had a sort of rebirth from a painful dark time. These coinciding events caused me to think about what advice I can give her. The most important thought was our expectations of how […]

If there’s one thing I love, it is learning about other people’s experiences on this life journey. It’s a way to learn new ideas and share in compassion with the obstacles, joys and events that mold us into our unique self. I was very intrigued when Meghan Hill reached out to me about her memoirs […]

Summer intention board by Leah Oviedo

  Creating art is one of the best ways to reclaim your joy, focus on a heathy activity and remind yourself of what is most important to you. I highly recommend trying your hand at creating a poster for inspiration or intent when you begin a new adventure. I’m feeling so happy about a new […]

peace rocks art

Originally posted on Free Spirit Howl:
There can be good and bad anywhere Plenty of good people to connect with and share There is beauty and slippery rocks along the way I worked on awareness so I wont slip away My path had flowers that bloomed bright A warrior that needed to fight After getting…

bird heart

Affirmation for Following Your Heart: I follow my heart because I know what I need and that is love. I give and receive with love. I grow and evolve with love. My heart guides me to self-love. I am following my heart. ***  “Peace Love and Weirdness” is offbeat and includes positive affirmations for cultivating […]


Originally posted on The Treasure Trove:
I have continued to be rather embarrassed by this question, because I wasn’t entirely sure how to answer it for a couple of years. My little darling began reading at 3 years old. He knew his letters before that, but other than doing some seemingly random (but innate) things,…

There are two main reasons I read a book, either for escape or knowledge. On this blog I only review non-fiction books that help with personal development so I was happy to be gifted the “Szen Zone” by Gary Szenderski. It’s one of those books that you can start wherever you like. I would pick […]


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