Self Defense

As a child and teen I was a victim of physical and emotional violence on multiple occasions, and suffered a terrifying attack when I was 12 years old. In my 30’s I was raped by an acquaintance. I still remember the fear of those moments, but after I became a certified self defense instructor (and years of healing therapy), I changed my story from victim to survivor. 

Everyone has a right to freedom from assault and harassment. In a culture that teaches women and girls not to fight and blames us when we are victims, we must protect ourselves and when we are hurt, we have a right to not be blamed for it. Whether you are female, male or non-binary, I encourage you to empower yourself and your community with learning about self-defense. Together we can create safer spaces!

Learn about Physical Self Defense

Learn about Emotional Self Defense

Learn about Sexual Harassment

Learn about Awareness and Prevention

Growing up I saw violence against women everywhere – in my family, friends, and community. As an adult, I had the opportunity to work at a community resource center for domestic violence and sexual assault. Though I worked in the business department, through various training and seeing survivors coming to us for help, I knew that prevention was where I belonged. So, in 2012 I earned my instructor certification through the Just Yell Fire program to teach women and girls self defense. The confidence from learning that I could stand up for myself changed my life. 

I was impressed by Leah Oviedo and enjoyed her self defense seminar.  We learned and practiced simple, very effective moves to get out of any attack situation regardless of our size or strength. We definitely want to have Leah come back to the Resource Center and provide this training for others.-Carolyn Bolton, NC-LGBTQ Resource Center.

Leah was entertaining, efficient in communication and demonstration, and provided tools to not  only increase awareness about surroundings and personal safety but also to defensively attack back and escape to safety.  I would highly encourage women to attend this personal defense class.” – Deb Ferraro, Carlsbad Village Fitness and Yoga

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