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The 5 Most Powerful Self Defense Weapons Every Woman and Girl Should Know

Not everyone has access to pepper spray or a stun gun and even if we do, its unlikely we ALWAYS have it on us and ready to use. That’s why it’s imperative to be aware of common items that can be used for self-defense. Look around you at work, school, on your lunch break, at home, in new places and take a quick glance at what can be used to defend yourself in case of an attack. Don’t obsess over this, just be aware.

Be aware, don’t live in fear.

Weapon #1: Flashlight 

I never thought much about something so simple being such a gift. If you’re like me and not likely to throw a punch or carry a gun than consider a bright LED flashlight to carry with you and keep in your car. If you are assaulted, use it to shine a bright light in your attackers eyes to blind them. Then you can either run away or use the diversion to get out of their grip and strike back.

The Holla-Her Alarm & Flashlight

Weapon #2: Perfume or Hairspray

Use perfume or hairspray just as you would pepper spray and aim for an attackers eyes to cause irritation and temporary blindness. It’s not as strong as pepper spray, but it can cause burning and blurred vision giving you a chance to strike back or flee to safety.


Weapon #3: Hairbrush

Grate some hard plastic bristles or even soft bristles to SCRATCH across an attackers eyes and then use the blunt end to hammer strike! Remember to strike the 9 Most Vulnerable Spots on the body.


Weapon #4: Keychain

Strike anywhere on the body to cause pain, but preferably the face. Make sure you hold your keychain in your fist. I used to put keys in between each finger, like a pointy knuckle sandwich. Unfortunately I learned that’s a very painful way to hit someone as it scratches up your fingers and could even break a finger! So just hold keys inside your fist and strike! Personally I love my kubaton keychain which is pictured below. It’s metal, has a blunt end and grooves for my fingers.

Sock it to Me Kubaton Keychain
Sock it to Me Kubaton Keychain

Weapon #5: Water bottle or Hot Coffee

Hit an attacker with a stainless steel or glass water bottle and they will be seeing stars.  Or maybe you just left the cafe with a hot coffee for a walk home in the cool autumn weather? Swiftly pull off the lid and throw the hot liquid in an assailants face. This should give you enough time to get away and yell for help. Hey you paid $5 for that coffee you should SCREAM! 😉


BONUS WEAPON: The most powerful weapon isn’t a thing it’s ‘thinking fast’.

Look around you, consider what you can use to defend yourself. Look for escape routes, for weak points, for a phone, for people who may be able to help you. By staying aware of your surroundings you are more likely to survive an assault. Remember that you matter and deserve to fight back!  

I’m a certified self-defense instructor and encourage all women and girls to know their lives are important. You can learn more on the SELF-DEFENSE page. Please share this with your friends. Together we can create safer spaces.




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