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Free Activity Book: “More Than Just a Girl”

Six years ago I started a new job at a resource and counseling center for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Growing up I was well aware of these problems. When I was a baby my mother and her friends started a shelter for abused women, I personally knew women who had escaped abuse and was friends with girls who had been sexually molested. Despite this knowledge I was not prepared for the mass of victims living full of pain, who walked in and out of our doors every day.

After a year of working at the center I wanted to focus on prevention so I started creating this book. The response for it was so great that I was inspired to do more. A year later I became a certified self-defense instructor. Now I’ve decided to give this book for free so that more girls can grow up knowing they deserve to be safe from violence, learn healthy self-care actions, and enter into relationships with those who respect them.

I have been selling this book along with the curriculum for youth leaders since 2010, but now it’s yours free. There’s no need to sign up or give your email address. Just click on the book image or link below to be directed to the official download page.

More Than Just a Girl” covers serious topics such as self-defense, domestic violence, sexual assault and body image. It also offers creative activities, journal pages, encouragement, positive images, and help line resources.

more than a girl book

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Have you read “FIERCE“? This book is for young women ages 14-18.

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More Than a Girl: Mo’ne, the Little League Superstar Who Throws Like A Girl

In 2014, youth baseball will be remembered as the year Mo’ne Davis broke social norms and helped her team win the Little League World Series. She is one of just two girls who played in the series this year out of 18 girls that have played throughout the series’ history. While being a girl player captured media attention, what got her to the series and put her on the cover of Sports Illustrated is her precise and strong pitching talent. She has a 70mph fastball while the average for Little League is 50mph.

An honor student as well as talented athlete her favorite sport is actually basketball and she wants to play in the WNBA. While she loves sports, what’s important to her is having fun and not stressing over the pressure to always be the best. Winning is important to her, but so is having fun “It’s not all about being serious and it’s not all about being the best, I mean you always have to laugh.” says Mo’ne, “No matter if you’re a boy or a girl just go for it because you never know what may happen.”

While it’s important to see girls and women given equal chances as boys and men, ultimately this is a story of an amazing pitcher. Watch a short documentary about Mo’ne at “Mo’ne Davis: Throw Like A Girl” on YouTube.

We are more than JUST girls, we are half the population. If you need some guidance or inspiration grab your copies of “More Than Just a Girl” and “Fierce: A New Generation of Female Empowerment” at

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Mo’ne Davis has fun playing baseball.
I Am More Than Just a Girl Book

Women Roar: Suey Park is Not Your Asian Sidekick

In 2013 Suey Park tweeted “#NotYourAsianSidekick” and blew a breath of fresh air into American feminism. Put off by the standard of Asian women as tokens in white womens feminism, her goal is to create a space where Asian-American women lead and include everyone as equally important.

Why “Not Your Asian Sidekick” instead of “Asian American Feminist”? Suey created a hashtag that would be easily accepted and used by those who weren’t comfortable or who didn’t feel safe using feminism as a label. “I think for a lot of women who don’t feel like they can really come out as feminist, #NotYourAsianSidekick is a way to come into that conversation.” She also wanted to appeal to young girls and send the message that the destructive “submissive Asian” stereotype and cultural pressure to act “Asian” weren’t their only options; “There is no model for what an Asian American is.”

Flack from some so-called progressive whites and even Asians accused her of not trying hard enough to rise above hurdles, as if racism in feminism(and society at large) was no longer a real issue. Hopefully as a reader of this blog you understand that is far from true and have probably heard the slogan “Racism isn’t over, but I’m over racism”. Suey fought more than her share of racism from her peers along with pressure from her Korean-American culture and wanting to please her parents who sacrificed so she could have a better life. She never felt smart enough with math and science so she focused on her beauty and developed an eating disorder for several years. Now that she focuses on inner growth she can move past material ideas and be a part of the gender equality movement. Read her full article on

Almost 2 years later Suey Park is still going strong by adding more activism to her tweetivism. She continues to push conversations about feminism while facing down haters which sadly are a part of all social justice movements, why can’t we all get along?! Her latest blog post reminds us not to fight other feminists, but if we do, to attempt at reconciliation and find common ground to dismantle our common enemy. “The enemy is white supremacy. The enemy is patriarchy. These structures of violence not only create economic violence, death and inequity, but we would do well to realize the strains it puts between marginalized people.” Read her full post at and follow her on

We are more than JUST girls, we are half the population. If you need some guidance or inspiration grab your copies of “More Than Just a Girl” and “Fierce: A New Generation of Female Empowerment” at

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I Am More Than Just a Girl Book

Second More Than a Girl Sweepstakes

What does it mean to be empowered?   How does it feel to be empowered?

Answer one (or both) of these questions to win a copy of the book “I Am More Than Just a Girl”. Every two weeks a winner will be randomly chosen to receive a signed book.  The next winner will be chosen on November 10th.  The sweepstakes gives girls and young women a voice and an opportunity to learn and share diverse ideas about empowerment. It is free to enter and open to all US residents ages 13 and older.

Enter at


I Am More Than Just a Girl Book

Prose and Poetry Empowers

I am so honored to be a part of this post on the Somkritya blog.

Why are we teaching children to be so awful to one another and to judge so harshly based on appearances or economic status? I think it is mostly laziness and fear of anything different. I suppose that since I grew up in a multicultural and racially diverse family that is something I cannot understand. Doesn’t everybody realize how awesome it is to have family and friends who are different, but still love you?

I was that girl and young woman that was scared, picked on and assaulted at such a young age that my self esteem was dropped on the floor of my room every time I left the house. Not until I was about 28 did I start realizing that all this negativity I was living in and telling myself was not my only choice.

Even though I grew up with a very independent, feminist, loving supportive mom and family, the outside influences of my peers and assorted adults had as much impact. At home I was told how beautiful, smart, and funny I was and I could feel the love. Despite this, I had no confidence when I met obstacles like bullies, oppression, and hatred for just being me. I just hope that the young women who read his book feel empowered and informed. I want young women to feel confident at any age and not wait so long like I did. My book is not the only answer, but it is a start and a ripple that I believe can really create a positive difference.

Read the blog here:

I Am More Than Just a Girl Book

Four Books

This week I mailed out four copies of my book, I Am More Than Just a Girl. One is going to a friend who has lots of friends in high places and the other three are going to youth organizations. Yippeee!!

These books will go to the Fred Finch Youth Center in San Diego, Voices for Society in New York, and Butterflies and Wildflowers Empowerment Network for Girls in Missouri.

I also sold 2 books online to a mystery buyer. My book may not be on the best seller list, but I WILL complete my goal of getting one million copies made and out there so more young women can have more resources and more tools to create self confidence and success in all areas of their lives.

Creating and sharing this book is such a good feeling in my heart. I have waited so long for this feeling and I am not going to let it and I am going to treat me great! I finally feel like I own my life.  I am no longer waiting for something to happen. It is happening. I am king it happen and I have some wonderful people helping me succeed.


I Am More Than Just a Girl Book

Collaborating with Youth Mentoring

More Than Just a Girl is featured on the website Youth Mentoring Ideas,

We are collaborating together and so I have featured them on my website:

I want to support  young women more resources so they can be strong independent individuals AND support other businesses at the same time.  Years ago I read a book titled, Blue Ocean Strategy, and the main point of this book was that there is enough room for everyone to be success. It doesn’t say competition is wrong, but shows that there are other ways to succeed.  Since I am naturally not competitive, but love to play, this is the best way for me to grow my own business.

When was the last time you collaborated with stellar results?