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Free Activity Book: “More Than Just a Girl”

Six years ago I started a new job at a resource and counseling center for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Growing up I was well aware of these problems. When I was a baby my mother and her friends started a shelter for abused women, I personally knew women who had escaped abuse and was friends with girls who had been sexually molested. Despite this knowledge I was not prepared for the mass of victims living full of pain, who walked in and out of our doors every day.

After a year of working at the center I wanted to focus on prevention so I started creating this book. The response for it was so great that I was inspired to do more. A year later I became a certified self-defense instructor. Now I’ve decided to give this book for free so that more girls can grow up knowing they deserve to be safe from violence, learn healthy self-care actions, and enter into relationships with those who respect them.

I have been selling this book along with the curriculum for youth leaders since 2010, but now it’s yours free. There’s no need to sign up or give your email address. Just click on the book image or link below to be directed to the official download page.

More Than Just a Girl” covers serious topics such as self-defense, domestic violence, sexual assault and body image. It also offers creative activities, journal pages, encouragement, positive images, and help line resources.

more than a girl book

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