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More Than a Girl: Mo’ne, the Little League Superstar Who Throws Like A Girl

In 2014, youth baseball will be remembered as the year Mo’ne Davis broke social norms and helped her team win the Little League World Series. She is one of just two girls who played in the series this year out of 18 girls that have played throughout the series’ history. While being a girl player captured media attention, what got her to the series and put her on the cover of Sports Illustrated is her precise and strong pitching talent. She has a 70mph fastball while the average for Little League is 50mph.

An honor student as well as talented athlete her favorite sport is actually basketball and she wants to play in the WNBA. While she loves sports, what’s important to her is having fun and not stressing over the pressure to always be the best. Winning is important to her, but so is having fun “It’s not all about being serious and it’s not all about being the best, I mean you always have to laugh.” says Mo’ne, “No matter if you’re a boy or a girl just go for it because you never know what may happen.”

While it’s important to see girls and women given equal chances as boys and men, ultimately this is a story of an amazing pitcher. Watch a short documentary about Mo’ne at “Mo’ne Davis: Throw Like A Girl” on YouTube.

We are more than JUST girls, we are half the population. If you need some guidance or inspiration grab your copies of “More Than Just a Girl” and “Fierce: A New Generation of Female Empowerment” at Amazon.com

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Mo’ne Davis has fun playing baseball.

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