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Free Books For Youth

Do you work with youth?

Would you like a free copy of my book to empower young women?

I will be giving away a copy of my book, I Am More Than Just a Girl” to 150 youth organizations.  If you would like a free copy use the Contact Page. I will return your email as soon as possible.  Organizations that charge young women for services may not participate in this free offer.

This is a book to empower young women with information, creative exercises and loving acceptance. There are fun activities and journal pages so you can be creative. The book is intended for residents of the USA, because of the hotline resources listed inside. Still any young woman can read this book, there are even some young men that could read it and learn. You can read the complete book for free at

Topics Covered in This Book: *Positive thinking *Self Defense *Beauty and Image *Anger and Stress Management *Confidence *Women’s rights *Career *Education *Empowerment *Individualism *Volunteer and Community involvement *Acceptance of others *Sexual assault *Domestic violence and Bullying

Resources and Creative Exercises included in this book: *Journal Pages *Self expression *Affirmations *Inspirational and motivational activities *Meditation *Self defense guide with instructional images *National Hot-lines

This book is part of a project to encourage more young women to be strong, independent and intelligent. I want women to feel empowered, keep informed and be equal. I want you to know and feel that as an individual you matter and with the tools in the book you can accomplish your dreams that may seem out of reach. Realize that circumstances such as your economic situation, race, culture upbringing and prejudice do not have to control your life.

Since I am in the process of raising funds to publish enough books they will not be available until late Spring.  However I am starting my campaign in a few days and want to show people where the books are going.  If you want a book sign up now in the comment section before we get 150 requests.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Organizations who will receive a free book will be listed here:

To get your book faster and to learn more about this campaign visit my blog post “300 Books”,


20 thoughts on “Free Books For Youth”

  1. Thank you for your response. I am looking forward to hopefully being blessed with a book donation. It would be very beneficial to our female youth.

    Thank you, Vonda

    Vonda E.Galloway CEO/Founder P.W.O.A.N.G Inc. 864-985-2683 P.W.O.A.N.G. Inc. 864-209-1073 Website: Empowering Tomorrow’s Women


  2. Phenomenal Women Of A New Generation Inc is a non profit organization mentoring the female youth in our community. This book would be a great asset in the lives of the lives we touch by reaching out to make a difference. Please consider providing a book donation to provide our youth with more information on life skills and improvement. You can learn more about our organization by visiting our website at



  3. Phenomenal Women of A New Generation Inc. is a nonprofit (501c3) organization mentoring the female youth in our community. Our mission is to DELIVER hope, ENCOURAGE strength, and PROMOTE self-confidence today for the women of tomorrow. Our organization would love to recieve a free copy of your book.


  4. global youth transformation network will like to request a free copy of the book “I am Just a Girl”.


  5. Hello! My company is Solid Pathways Consulting and I am interested in your book and also talking to you. I think we may have similar missions. I will send you an email as well.


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