Book Reviews, I Am More Than Just a Girl Book

Books a Plenty

I delivered 10 books to a group of lovely young women that I used to work with.  They were very receptive and excited to get the book. I can hardly wait to hear their opinions of it.

I have a box of envelopes stuffed with books and curriculum that will head out to various youth organizations from San Francisco to Pennsylvania.   I have another smaller box of envelopes stuffed with books that will be going to various magazines, including Ms. Magazine.  I talked to an associate editor at Ms. and am very anxious to hear their opinion of the book. My goal is to have I Am More Than Just a Girl featured in a popular national magazine or 10.

I also have one for the Ellen show. I want to talk about my book on her show. I love Ellen. She is such a positive person and of course hilarious.

I even sold a book. It will be going to a young woman whose aunt really wants her to have this book.  Things are looking up and I am in a great mood as I have been since writing my book.

Soon the only book in my room will be my personal copy.