I Am More Than Just a Girl Book

Collaborating with Youth Mentoring

More Than Just a Girl is featured on the website Youth Mentoring Ideas, http://youthmentorideas.com/working-with-youth-in-other-ways-a-starter-list/

We are collaborating together and so I have featured them on my website:  http://morethanagirl.webs.com/moretoshare.htm

I want to support  young women more resources so they can be strong independent individuals AND support other businesses at the same time.  Years ago I read a book titled, Blue Ocean Strategy, and the main point of this book was that there is enough room for everyone to be success. It doesn’t say competition is wrong, but shows that there are other ways to succeed.  Since I am naturally not competitive, but love to play, this is the best way for me to grow my own business.

When was the last time you collaborated with stellar results?

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