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Prose and Poetry Empowers

I am so honored to be a part of this post on the Somkritya blog.

Why are we teaching children to be so awful to one another and to judge so harshly based on appearances or economic status? I think it is mostly laziness and fear of anything different. I suppose that since I grew up in a multicultural and racially diverse family that is something I cannot understand. Doesn’t everybody realize how awesome it is to have family and friends who are different, but still love you?

I was that girl and young woman that was scared, picked on and assaulted at such a young age that my self esteem was dropped on the floor of my room every time I left the house. Not until I was about 28 did I start realizing that all this negativity I was living in and telling myself was not my only choice.

Even though I grew up with a very independent, feminist, loving supportive mom and family, the outside influences of my peers and assorted adults had as much impact. At home I was told how beautiful, smart, and funny I was and I could feel the love. Despite this, I had no confidence when I met obstacles like bullies, oppression, and hatred for just being me. I just hope that the young women who read his book feel empowered and informed. I want young women to feel confident at any age and not wait so long like I did. My book is not the only answer, but it is a start and a ripple that I believe can really create a positive difference.

Read the blog here: http://somkritya.wordpress.com/2012/05/18/just-a-woman/

6 thoughts on “Prose and Poetry Empowers”

  1. One thing that worked for me was participating in activities that I loved. Is she into sports, music or art? Is she old enough for an internship anywhere?

    Can she volunteer somewhere that is close to her interests? Volunteering gave me a good dose of self worth.


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