Books a Plenty

I delivered 10 books to a group of lovely young women that I used to work with.  They were very receptive and excited to get the book. I can hardly wait to hear their opinions of it.

I have a box of envelopes stuffed with books and curriculum that will head out to various youth organizations from San Francisco to Pennsylvania.   I have another smaller box of envelopes stuffed with books that will be going to various magazines, including Ms. Magazine.  I talked to an associate editor at Ms. and am very anxious to hear their opinion of the book. My goal is to have I Am More Than Just a Girl featured in a popular national magazine or 10.

I also have one for the Ellen show. I want to talk about my book on her show. I love Ellen. She is such a positive person and of course hilarious.

I even sold a book. It will be going to a young woman whose aunt really wants her to have this book.  Things are looking up and I am in a great mood as I have been since writing my book.

Soon the only book in my room will be my personal copy.



  1. I am definitely grateful to be one of the organizations that are receiving this book. I will certainly help to market this book in my network.

    1. Thanks. I am looking forward to how your group uses the book and what he young women think of it. I will be mailing the books Saturday or Monday.

  2. I will pass this information on to someone who works with women that could really benefit from these books.

    1. Great. I have a few more copies to give

  3. How exciting! This is really great to hear. People still read, this is awesome news. I too am anxious to hear opinions about my book, but it seems not even the copies I give away are being read. Here’s hoping someone somewhere will someday read it and tell me it doesn’t suck. Until then, I live vicariously moment to moment on the success of other authors. You’re doing good work and helping build the women of the future. All the best!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. It’s not easy for indie authors, but it’s great that we are both up for the challenge!

      1. Some days more than others. : ) It is nice to see your book is getting out there. I know it will benefit so many girls. Way to go.

      2. Thanks. I think we will both find success if we keep trying. Some call me overly optimistic, but I like it that way.

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