I Am More Than Just a Girl Book

Four Books

This week I mailed out four copies of my book, I Am More Than Just a Girl. One is going to a friend who has lots of friends in high places and the other three are going to youth organizations. Yippeee!!

These books will go to the Fred Finch Youth Center in San Diego, Voices for Society in New York, and Butterflies and Wildflowers Empowerment Network for Girls in Missouri.

I also sold 2 books online to a mystery buyer. My book may not be on the best seller list, but I WILL complete my goal of getting one million copies made and out there so more young women can have more resources and more tools to create self confidence and success in all areas of their lives.

Creating and sharing this book is such a good feeling in my heart. I have waited so long for this feeling and I am not going to let it and I am going to treat me great! I finally feel like I own my life.  I am no longer waiting for something to happen. It is happening. I am king it happen and I have some wonderful people helping me succeed.


2 thoughts on “Four Books”

  1. Such a wonderful news…its your baby and she is doing so well…Big hugs and it will be best seller sometimes things take time
    Hey can i showcase you book this week on my blog?


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