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Reduce Stress & Anxiety: 10 Easy Ways To Live More With Less

Do you feel like you have too much stuff? Do you get anxiety about shopping? Do you believe that your worth is measured by what you own? I used to feel these ways, but by embracing a more minimalist lifestyle I’ve stopped allowing stuff to rule my life. Here are 10 simple actions to start your own journey to more mental and physical freedom from stuff!

  1. If you love to read, but have too many books, you can share and receive books from your neighborhood’s little library.
  2. Instead of spending hours at the mall shopping, host a clothing swap with your friends or larger community.
  3. Invest in 75% basic clothing pieces so your closet isn’t overflowing.
  4. Clear your calendar so you have one day or one partial day each week without plans.
  5. Instead of buying that cute, but unnecessary item, transfer that amount of money from your checking to savings account.
  6. Designate a box to hold things you haven’t used in a while. After 3 or 6 months if you haven’t needed that stuff sell it, donate it, or trade it for something you do need.
  7. Organize everything. Get rid of the stuff that you don’t use or put that stuff in storage.
  8. Think about why you shop. Is it to feel better? Is it to keep up with what’s trendy? If so, consider stopping yourself the next time you want to shop and do something that doesn’t require you to drag a reusable bag full of stuff home.
  9. Shred or recycle all the dated paperwork, birthday cards, and notes that clutter your desk. Consider scanning important documents and saving those on a USB or in the cloud.
  10. Start today or set a firm date on our calendar in the next 3 weeks. – Don’t keep putting it off.

I hope these 10 ways to reduce stress are helpful to you. I have used minimalism as one of many tools to heal my depression and anxiety. Back in the day I used retail therapy to feel good about life, but the thrill of new stuff never lasted long. It also pushed me into debt. Today I’m much healthier and happier cultivating experiences and friendships instead of amassing stuff as a way to give my life value. Check out the “Categories” drop down menu in the upper right corner for more healing resources and empowering discussions. Peace & hugs, Leah

I’m an artist & writer on a mission to bring healing arts into the mainstream by creating projects like Radical Zine a free online publication self-care, poetry and art.

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