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It Starts With Trash

 Not being able to walk anywhere without seeing litter causes a great sadness to well up inside of me. It’s a small, but weighted sign of how humanity continues to disrespect our ecosystem; the ecosystem that feeds and waters us; the ecosystem that gives us a home. It’s a sign of the disregard we give to other life, both the “savage” animals we domesticated and hunt, and our own species. It is a metaphor to how we treat women’s bodies as things that we use, step on, and step over on our way to consumer pleasure. I could go on and on about all the litter and consumption metaphors for selfishness and hate that terrorize our world, but do I really need to?

When I pick up trash it feels good, but it’s also a painful reminder of all that is sick in our world. Is there even a reason to hope?  Most days I think not…. And you thought this was just another post about environmental pollution.

Who else feels  walks through their neighborhood picking up litter?


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Empowering Discussions

Sink or Swim

“No wonder your heart feels it’s flying, your head feels it’s spinning, each happy endings a brand new beginning, let yourself be enchanted, you just might break through to ever ever after” This song, Ever Ever After from a movie titled “Enchanted” is stuck in my head. Even though I feel the saying “happily ever after” is silly, I love this part of the song.

I don’t want a fairy tale romance, a prince or a castle. I do want to feel enchanted by life and find the magic I believed in as a child. I miss those days when I believed anything was possible and that there really were magical beings, supernatural forces and adventure in every forest, dark attic or foreign land.

I want to feel alive. I crave adventure and a mission that will take me far away from all that I know and submerse me in a new story.

Someday will never come if I continue to play it safe though. Starting today and for the rest of the year my goal is to jump out of my safe zone and see what happens. I would rather sink in a wild ocean filled with my true passion than swim in a calm stream filled with doldrums of a boring life.

Empowering Discussions

Push, Run, Hide

I didn’t mean to push you away. I didn’t want to make you go. I want you so much. So I push you away.

I run away. I run so fast that nobody can catch me.

Hide under a mask of smiles and lies. Hide so nobody ever sees my broken soul.

That push keeps me safe. No broken hearts, no scars, no pain. Nobody can hurt me I brag. Nobody will ever break me I boast. Ha! These are lies I say to all of you. They hurt to say. They hurt, but they grow.

Fear fuels me. Raw and numb, it has filled my soul. This fear is destroying me. Slowly scratching away at my soul. Stealing my hope and weakening my bones. I want to rip fear out, break it into little pieces and stomp it to dust. Stomp till it is just a memory.

Can you see my broken spirit. The holes and cracks. It’s not complete. It’s not like yours.

Your spirit is strong and filled with warmth. You glow without fear.

Everyday I scream on the inside. I curl up in a little ball. It’s dark in here, but when you are near I feel warm light. Stay with me. Don’t leave. Don’t tell me it’s too late. Offer your hand. Pull me out. I will not push you. I will not run away. I will not hide.

I will take your hand. I will not look back. I will not let go.