Social Action

It Starts With Trash

 Not being able to walk anywhere without seeing litter causes a great sadness to well up inside of me. It’s a small, but weighted sign of how humanity continues to disrespect our ecosystem; the ecosystem that feeds and waters us; the ecosystem that gives us a home. It’s a sign of the disregard we give to other life, both the “savage” animals we domesticated and hunt, and our own species. It is a metaphor to how we treat women’s bodies as things that we use, step on, and step over on our way to consumer pleasure. I could go on and on about all the litter and consumption metaphors for selfishness and hate that terrorize our world, but do I really need to?

When I pick up trash it feels good, but it’s also a painful reminder of all that is sick in our world. Is there even a reason to hope?  Most days I think not…. And you thought this was just another post about environmental pollution.

Who else feels  walks through their neighborhood picking up litter?


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Empowering Discussions

So Far

I am on a never ending quest for knowledge because I am very curious, I enjoy learning new information and hope to better myself along the way.

I also hope to empower others so they can learn more and thus have more options in life. The world we live in is always beautiful. Look around and see flowers growing out of a gutter drain for some proof. It can also be cruel, frustrating and downright ugly at times. We must all make a choice to live a certain way and to find or create beauty. We owe it to ourselves and future generations to respect and treasure what makes our lives worth living.

I created a website to share what I have learned and to empower all people to be the best version of themselves. is a combination of peaceful actions that we can take to improve quality of life for all people no matter where they were born, what they believe or what actions they have taken that brought them to their current situation. It is not useful to judge others harshly until you have walked in their shoes. Even then, we all relate to the world differently so it’s difficult to say you know how someone else feels.

What have you learned recently that helped you and can benefit others? Please leave a comment. 🙂