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If you are stuck in a career that does not bring you joy. Ask yourself some questions.
What is your passion? What makes you happy? How can I create an income working passionately and being happy?

I am not just sating this because it is a popular thing to say. I am living it.

I just published my first book, “I Am More Than Just A Girl” and it feels amazing! This book is the culmination of a project I have worked on for years. Finally I was able to n put everything together in a book. And I have even more passions that I want to share. There are more books to write, more pictures to paint, more fun to be had.

I have failed a lot, but I keep trying. I never know for sure if something is going to work out. Does anybody really? There are so many variables in life that can knock us onto a new course. I say take these challenges as they come. Some new directions you may want to try to stop and turn around. Some new directions you may want to just go with and see what happens. We are in control of how we react to life, even if it isn’t something we want.

Empowering Discussions

Sink or Swim

“No wonder your heart feels it’s flying, your head feels it’s spinning, each happy endings a brand new beginning, let yourself be enchanted, you just might break through to ever ever after” This song, Ever Ever After from a movie titled “Enchanted” is stuck in my head. Even though I feel the saying “happily ever after” is silly, I love this part of the song.

I don’t want a fairy tale romance, a prince or a castle. I do want to feel enchanted by life and find the magic I believed in as a child. I miss those days when I believed anything was possible and that there really were magical beings, supernatural forces and adventure in every forest, dark attic or foreign land.

I want to feel alive. I crave adventure and a mission that will take me far away from all that I know and submerse me in a new story.

Someday will never come if I continue to play it safe though. Starting today and for the rest of the year my goal is to jump out of my safe zone and see what happens. I would rather sink in a wild ocean filled with my true passion than swim in a calm stream filled with doldrums of a boring life.