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Helping Handfuls for Thanksgiving

Tired of all the trash? Join me on pollution patrol and pick up a helping handful. I pick up trash daily when I walk to work, to the park, the the grocery store. It’s never ending. I sure could use some help. Will you pick up a helping handful this Thanksgiving?

 Here are a few of my recent helping handfuls during my pollution patrol. I hope this inspires you to pick up trash, consume less, and think twice about how we treat nature. Remember, we are part of nature, not apart from nature.

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Have you picked up pollution in your neighborhood?

Social Action

It Starts With Trash

 Not being able to walk anywhere without seeing litter causes a great sadness to well up inside of me. It’s a small, but weighted sign of how humanity continues to disrespect our ecosystem; the ecosystem that feeds and waters us; the ecosystem that gives us a home. It’s a sign of the disregard we give to other life, both the “savage” animals we domesticated and hunt, and our own species. It is a metaphor to how we treat women’s bodies as things that we use, step on, and step over on our way to consumer pleasure. I could go on and on about all the litter and consumption metaphors for selfishness and hate that terrorize our world, but do I really need to?

When I pick up trash it feels good, but it’s also a painful reminder of all that is sick in our world. Is there even a reason to hope?  Most days I think not…. And you thought this was just another post about environmental pollution.

Who else feels  walks through their neighborhood picking up litter?


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