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FREE BOOK: Be Inspired By Leaders of Social and Environmental Change!

My book of interviews with people around the world, “How Will You Create Positive Change” is FREE today through Friday, December 16th.

This is book one in the Up To You project. Inside you will find sixteen people from around the world have shared their stories of how they created positive change in their communities. Each interview shows how they took action, what obstacles they overcame, and advice on how anyone can be an active participant in creating a better world.


These agents of change are championing for human rights, education, health, environmental sustainability, ending violence, eradicating poverty, mentoring youth, improving their communities, and inventing products that create a better world. They are different genders, skin colors and ages who live in different countries and have different beliefs. What they share in common is taking action.

After reading this book you will be inspired to take action too! Use the resources inside to get started and create positive change!


BOOK ISBN# 9781605004525


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My Attempt to Market a Book

It’s tough out there for a new self published author to get their books noticed.  No worries though. I am up for the challenge.  I don’t have a marketing budget, but I am artistic and I use that skill to my advantage. I have designed every illustration and cover in all of my books. So I have been creating banners in the hope that one or two will go viral and drive readers to my books. Below are two I created this week for my book “Fierce” and “How Will You Create Positive Change”.

What does girl power mean to you? Define it yourself. You can read this and more books at

How Will You Create positive Change by Leah Oviedo, agents of change, community leaders, interviews with activists

You are invited to read (and maybe purchase) my books at  PLEASE by all means feel free to share these pictures on your blog, Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and anywhere else you want.  The love is most appreciated.

What creative no-budget or low budget marketing ideas have you tried for your business?