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I’ve updated my Dive Deeper course to include more art and journaling. Check it out if you want to expand your self-care & dive deeper into feeling balanced & loved. Try the first lesson for free: .

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Book Reviews

A Radical Collaboration of Artists, Writers and Healers

I’m stoked to share that I’m collaborating with 11 artists to create a new book “Cultivating Radical Self-Love: A Collaboration of Healers, Artists and Writers”.

This collaboration features work by a dozen amazing people. Anaid Garcia, Kiyoshi Shelton, Jasmine Gray, Corry Lang, Jodi Onyx Austin, Natalie Small, Rayne Ibarra-Brown, Jason Freeman, Jasmine Farrell, Donovan Cheney, Michelle Minero and myself, Leah Oviedo.

The book is a collection of art, writing and practices to inspire readers to create a radical self-love journey. Each contributor will be sharing their own heart-work in how they use tools to create more balance in their life.

In the words of Nayyira Waheed, “’I love myself.’ The quietest, simplest, most powerful revolution ever. – from “Salt”.

This book will be a free E-book and .pdf available from collaborators through their various platforms, such as my Patreon page.

> If you’re on Facebook, join the book release event (https://www.facebook.com/events/1755255884776774) on Thursday, December 28th, to grab your copy of the book! <

Learn more about the artists below:

Natalie Small – http://www.groundswellcommunity.org

Jasmine Gray – https://www.facebook.com/JazsJammies

Anaid Garcia – https://www.anaidgarciagallery.com

Jason Freeman – http://www.jasonwfreeman.com

Corry Lang – https://www.corrylang.com

Kiyoshi Shelton – http://kiyoshimusic.com

Michelle Minero – http://www.lovewarriorcommunity.com

Jasmine Farrell – https://www.facebook.com/JustBreatheJasmine

Donovan Cheney – http://www.donovancheney.com

Leah Oviedo – https://www.patreon.com/loviedo

Once the book is published I will post again. Or you can follow my Patreon page (link above).


Writing is Healing and Opening

“Writing isn’t just being creative, it’s healing and opening.”

Writing my book wasn’t easy. Sharing what had always felt so shameful was scary. Even so, I came to a point where I stopped feeling shameful and started understanding that depression is just as important as any serious illness. Suddenly I realized I was no longer a victim. I was a survivor.

Depression can take your life. Indeed it took over 17 years of my life. People around the world don’t survive. People I love didn’t survive. We are ignoring a world of inner pain, like we ignore a lot of important aspects of our world.
One of the ways I survive is through writing. As long as I’m able, I will write. Even if I’m sitting on the sidewalk with nothing but a marker and a piece of cardboard I will write.
I’m already working on my next book, a different kind of book, but also one that will hopefully help others. Creating this book helped me and creating my new book is helping me. Writing isn’t just being creative, it’s healing and opening. Writing is good for our brains, good for our hearts. Expressing our feelings is a gift to the world. Holding in how we honestly feel is a tear in the world.

I published through Amazon so it’s available as both an e-book and a paperback.  This is not my first book, but it is my most personal. I share my struggles and pain honestly. Openly and honestly sharing healing is my gift to the world. With 1 in 4 people in the USA suffering from mental illness I hope my story will help others to start their own journey to better health.  Unlike a broken bone which heals in a matter of weeks or months, healing mental illness takes much more time and a whole lot of self-love.

If you’re suffering from depression I strongly encourage you to seek help. If you can’t afford a therapist find a supportive mentor, teacher or healer who can help you discover inner peace. Healing is possible IF you are open and willing to commit to a self-care plan. You’re life only  has value if you decide it does.

And it’s okay to stumble and fall along the way. Healing takes time so BE GENTLE WITH YOURSELF!

Peace and Hugs, Leah

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