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Journaling & Art Therapy Course – Try It Free

I’ve updated my Dive Deeper course to include more art and journaling. Check it out if you want to expand your self-care & dive deeper into feeling balanced & loved. Try the first lesson for free: .

If you want to continue the 3 month course it’s $9 per month. If not, you won’t receive anything more from me, won’t be added to any lists, and your email address will not be saved.

Banner with words Dive Deeper Course, uncover the root of your depression or apathy.

2 thoughts on “Journaling & Art Therapy Course – Try It Free”

  1. Hi Leah,

    Well done on offering this course. That’s great. I’m currently doing a therapeutic and reflective writing course. It’s really interesting and quite insightful. I wanted to do it before I start my own writing therapy workshops.

    I did journaling last week and the prompts were to write an unsent letter to my younger self and a list of 100 things I would like to change. I found them both really useful. Also did some expressive writing using Pennbebaker’s exercises. That was emotional.

    If you need any tips please get in touch.

    All the best.

    June Whittle

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    1. That sounds fantastic June. Thank you for sharing this experience and your offer. I love how writing can be so healing. It’s amazing how much self-healing we are capable of cultivating.


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