A Radical Collaboration of Artists, Writers and Healers

I’m stoked to share that I’m collaborating with 11 artists to create a new book “Cultivating Radical Self-Love: A Collaboration of Healers, Artists and Writers”.

This collaboration features work by a dozen amazing people. Anaid Garcia, Kiyoshi Shelton, Jasmine Gray, Corry Lang, Jodi Onyx Austin, Natalie Small, Rayne Ibarra-Brown, Jason Freeman, Jasmine Farrell, Donovan Cheney, Michelle Minero and myself, Leah Oviedo.

The book is a collection of art, writing and practices to inspire readers to create a radical self-love journey. Each contributor will be sharing their own heart-work in how they use tools to create more balance in their life.

In the words of Nayyira Waheed, “’I love myself.’ The quietest, simplest, most powerful revolution ever. – from “Salt”.

This book will be a free E-book and .pdf available from collaborators through their various platforms, such as my Patreon page.

> If you’re on Facebook, join the book release event (https://www.facebook.com/events/1755255884776774) on Thursday, December 28th, to grab your copy of the book! <

Learn more about the artists below:

Natalie Small – http://www.groundswellcommunity.org

Jasmine Gray – https://www.facebook.com/JazsJammies

Anaid Garcia – https://www.anaidgarciagallery.com

Jason Freeman – http://www.jasonwfreeman.com

Corry Lang – https://www.corrylang.com

Kiyoshi Shelton – http://kiyoshimusic.com

Michelle Minero – http://www.lovewarriorcommunity.com

Jasmine Farrell – https://www.facebook.com/JustBreatheJasmine

Donovan Cheney – http://www.donovancheney.com

Leah Oviedo – https://www.patreon.com/loviedo

Once the book is published I will post again. Or you can follow my Patreon page (link above).

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