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Positive Thoughts Equals Strength

YOU must respect yourself because unfortunately many people will not. YOU must believe in yourself and show the world that you are more than “just a girl”, that you matter! YOU must learn. Get an education so you can educate other girls. Whatever your favorite subject is, find out more about it than you can learn at school. Go to the library and continue your education.

Try this simple exercise each day as you follow your dreams. Repeat the positive affirmation that is below as often as you want. Write this affirmation in your journal. Decorate a shirt with these words. Post it online where all your friends can see it and use it for themselves.


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What does it mean to be female in our world?

It means you have the power to give life. Sure it takes a man and a woman to create life, but women are the people who are accountable for bringing a child into our world. You are a giver of life and you have the power to teach your children that they are beautiful loved and equal in your eyes. Women are more likely to stay at home and nurture a child and spend more time with them than the father. This is an inconvenient truth (Though there is no reason for men to not spend time nurturing a child after they have left the womb. In fact we need more men to nurture their children).

It means you can be raped by a man and told that it is your fault. Or maybe you are told that that person couldn’t control themselves. Well that is just not true. Rapists are not poor troubled boys or disturbed men. Rapists are people who want to control and inflict pain on another person. So it also means that you can fight back. You are NOT a victim. You deserve to be treated with respect and you have a right to say NO!

It means you are strong! You are equal to a man. You are not less, you are not better. You are equal. Perhaps your family, your religion and your culture tell you that you are less and nothing more than an object, but that is just not true. You are capable of being amazing! You can change the world or change your community. You can be a scientist, a writer, a director, a CEO, a mother. You can be whatever you want to be. Always listen to mind and never listen to a world that says you are less than equal.

It means you are beautiful. Your eyes, your hair, the color of your skin, your weight, your height. These make you beautiful and unique. You are beautiful without makeup, with frizzy hair, with freckles, with a few extra pounds or a lack of curves. You are most beautiful when you laugh and when you smile. Don’t believe the hype that you need to look plastic perfect. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

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What does being a female in our world mean to you?

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The Battle

I do one thing wrong, then another. It doesn’t take much at all. The regrets pile up so thick and I can barely move. They surround me. Taunt me. Distract me from my goal. Momentarily stunned I sink into them letting my mistakes and missed opportunities become all I know. The past will take me down, depress me, frighten me, encompass me for days, weeks or months. Life will pass me by as I freeze with fear and doubt. I’m not good enough. Not smart enough. I dont have the resources. I belive each lie until it becomes truth. This way I dont get hurt. I am only protecting you my past says. Sure you are, I reply. I know better, but its easier to not ever try. So I wait. I cry. I am miserable. Before long a bright event or new opportunity will break through the wall I erected and I will lunge at it with all my strength. It will pull me to safety. Each time I say that is the last time, but don’t really believe myself. The battle rages on.

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In Loving Memory

I wrote this after one of my closest and dearest friends suddenly and unexpectedly passed away.

When I look around I see people who loved and were loved by her. I see faces full of strength just like her, but unknown it seems to many of them.
I see beauty in every person radiating out with the love and respect of a mutual friend. Yet many have voiced disbelief of their own beauty.
Her talents were limitless because of the faith in herself. That isn’t often the case with me though I wish it to be.
It takes a gifted heart to be open for a world of different yet equally loving hearts. She had this gift and shared it everyday. It is a gift that beats inside the chest of everyone, but how scared some of us are to share it with strangers. It is a loss to the world when we do.
All of have the same strength she eagerly shared, we just have to exercise it more often.
All of us are beautiful when we smile wide and share our voice with the world. We simply must remember and remind each other often enough until we believe it.
All of us can be just as open as her if we will only take the chance each and every day.
My wish is that you will find all these qualities and forever let them shine. If you are hiding, then it’s time to step out and show the world what it really means to be strong, beautiful, talented and open.