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Grief is a Life Transformation

“Grief is a life transformation.”

Grief is a powerful transformation. Losing our loved ones to death changes our life.

  That person is no longer there, our plans together, our interactions and the future we saw with each other are gone.
  All the times I’ve experienced grief have been different. Some times have been similar, but my life has changed in varying degrees. Friends and family that were such a presence in my life have left me with voids. Make no mistake, for the most part, these are sad, lonely voids. However, they’ve also given me inspiration to live more profoundly, in a way that resonates with me, not with expectations I had or that society portrays. Each day I am present to this inspiration is a day where I feel myself growing into the most perfectly imperfectly person.
  My life has been transformed by grief so often. So, while I’m not completely comfortable with death, I am less afraid. I’ve become less worried about dying. With this new strength, I can honestly tell my abuela that when she’s ready to go I will be ready to let her go. Grief is still painful, but in a way I know what to expect. And yes this makes it a little easier, not easy, but easier.
  Today would be my mothers birthday. We would celebrate with something fun like dancing or cake at the beach for sunset. Yet while I do feel sadness, my overwhelming emotion is appreciation for the beautiful friends and family I’ve seen and talked to today.
 For a while now I have been working on a book about grief. This experience has opened my heart to just how much my life has transformed from grief.  Grief is a powerful gift, but truthfully I’d return it for my deceased family and friends to be alive and dancing with me again.
Any thoughts on grief? Has your life been transformed? Are you caring for someone who is terminal? Or are you more comfortable to ignore the idea of grief all together? 

“D.I.Y. Therapy: Healing Depression is available trough Amazon as both an e-book and a paperback.  This is not my first book, but it is my most personal. I share my struggles and pain honestly. Openly and honestly sharing healing is my gift to the world. With 1 in 4 people in the USA suffering from mental illness I hope my story will help others to start their own journey to better health.  Unlike a broken bone which heals in a matter of weeks or months, healing mental illness takes much more time and a whole lot of self-love.

If you’re suffering from depression I strongly encourage you to seek help. If you can’t afford a therapist find a supportive mentor, teacher or healer who can help you discover inner peace. Healing is possible IF you are open and willing to commit to a self-care plan. You’re life only  has value if you decide it does.

And it’s okay to stumble and fall along the way. Healing takes time so BE GENTLE WITH YOURSELF!

Peace and Hugs, Leah

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Taking Notes on Death

Healing and grieving seem to be an ongoing process on our life journey.

I welcome both with an open heart.

This week I’m taking notes.


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Empowering Discussions

In Loving Memory

I wrote this after one of my closest and dearest friends suddenly and unexpectedly passed away.

When I look around I see people who loved and were loved by her. I see faces full of strength just like her, but unknown it seems to many of them.
I see beauty in every person radiating out with the love and respect of a mutual friend. Yet many have voiced disbelief of their own beauty.
Her talents were limitless because of the faith in herself. That isn’t often the case with me though I wish it to be.
It takes a gifted heart to be open for a world of different yet equally loving hearts. She had this gift and shared it everyday. It is a gift that beats inside the chest of everyone, but how scared some of us are to share it with strangers. It is a loss to the world when we do.
All of have the same strength she eagerly shared, we just have to exercise it more often.
All of us are beautiful when we smile wide and share our voice with the world. We simply must remember and remind each other often enough until we believe it.
All of us can be just as open as her if we will only take the chance each and every day.
My wish is that you will find all these qualities and forever let them shine. If you are hiding, then it’s time to step out and show the world what it really means to be strong, beautiful, talented and open.