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In Loving Memory

I wrote this after one of my closest and dearest friends suddenly and unexpectedly passed away.

When I look around I see people who loved and were loved by her. I see faces full of strength just like her, but unknown it seems to many of them.
I see beauty in every person radiating out with the love and respect of a mutual friend. Yet many have voiced disbelief of their own beauty.
Her talents were limitless because of the faith in herself. That isn’t often the case with me though I wish it to be.
It takes a gifted heart to be open for a world of different yet equally loving hearts. She had this gift and shared it everyday. It is a gift that beats inside the chest of everyone, but how scared some of us are to share it with strangers. It is a loss to the world when we do.
All of have the same strength she eagerly shared, we just have to exercise it more often.
All of us are beautiful when we smile wide and share our voice with the world. We simply must remember and remind each other often enough until we believe it.
All of us can be just as open as her if we will only take the chance each and every day.
My wish is that you will find all these qualities and forever let them shine. If you are hiding, then it’s time to step out and show the world what it really means to be strong, beautiful, talented and open.

Empowering Discussions

Can You Show Me

What do you see when you look at me? Can you teach me how to see what you see?

All I see is a scared little girl, unable to speak, unable to breathe. I want to shout for help. I want to see what others see.

When I look at you I see someone strong, unafraid to take risks, unafraid to be wrong.

When I look at me all I see is fear. I want to be like you but now you’re gone. How can I ask you what you see.

Just come back for a minute and tell me. Please please please tell me what you see!


What to say?

My brother sent me this poem today. I am not sure where it is from, but it really hits the target when you have a great loss.

Don’t tell me that you understand
Don’t tell me that you know
Don’t tell me that I will survive
How I will surely grow
Don’t come at me with answers
That can only come from me
Don’t tell me how my grief will pass
That I will soon be free
Accept me in my ups and downs
I need someone to share
Just hold my hand and let me cry
And say ‘My friend, I care.”

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I just lost one of my best friends.  We had known each other for 10 years, and been through so much together.  I still cant believe she’s gone. It’s been hard to get much work done, even harder to care about working at all.  I really want to rewind time even if I could just hug her one last time.

She was a wonderful friend. She was amazing, the kind of person who got along with everybody.  She always had a smile to share and encouraging words to dish out.  The world has lost so much with her death.   Words cannot describe how I feel right now.  Grief is one, numb is another. I feel antsy and sad. I miss her so much. I just want her back. I want to tell her again how much she means to me.

She was younger than me and left behind 2 beautiful little kids.  She was a parent to her siblings when hers were no longer around.  This woman could take on the world and get right back up.  She was a talented athlete, smart, funny, goofy, compassionate, a voice of reason.  She was strong.   I love you Superstar.  I will see you again. It won’t be soon, but it won’t be that long either. I will rejoice when we are back together again.  I will not give up. I will be strong and I will make my life worth living,  just like you did.  Thank you for being there for me when I needed you. I hope that you felt loved by me and know that I would do anything for you.

I promise to keep an eye on your little sister and brother and your kids. They will be okay too. I am very sorry that I did not call more often. I am sorry that I didn’t get up to your new place to visit you. If you ever felt like you weren’t that important to me, you were wrong. You mean the world to me. I love you.