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Short Hair and Freedom: Releasing What I Don’t Need

Releasing things that no longer serve me. I took scissors to my long locks last week. I just don’t need long hair anymore. I don’t need long hair to feel feminine, to look pretty, to take care of. This is a freedom I’ve yet to experience. I just put on a headband or wrap and I’m out the door. I’ve always loved my hair, but I needed a change.

It’s been a summer of letting go. I let go of devaluing my work by giving it for free. Now I charge what I’m worth. Wow what a difference that makes! 

I let go of friends who said they loved me, but blew me off after I visited them in the hospital when others didn’t, and friends who called me their bff and didn’t even say goodbye when they moved. I don’t even feel sad because I know they aren’t really friends, just beautiful people I met on this journey.  I am not their priority and they are no longer mine.

I let go of the worn out habit of putting others before myself and I’ve never felt better. I feel loved, supported and valued by myself and my true friends and family. I wish everyone could feel this way. Thank you to all who respect me with your words and actions. I hope you feel supported by me in the same way.

What do YOU need to release? How can YOU give yourself more freedom to focus on what is truly important?
Peace and hugs, Leah

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D.I.Y. Therapy: It’s Time To Heal By Releasing Those Expectations

Life is going to give you all sorts of expectations. Some are great, like expecting to be respected and being happy. Others like expecting people to change for you or the idea that if only you had that one ‘important thing’ you’d be happy.

textgram_1398055224If you want to heal, you must release the expectations that life owes you anything other than the opportunity to be alive. Release the thoughts that others should be more considerate, that you should be happier, that life should be easier. Don’t SHOULD all over yourself.

So you had a bad day and everyone is in your way? Release the expectation that others should feel your pain or get out of your way and be nice to you. They have their own stuff to deal with and have a right to be here. Change your attitude. Watch a funny video or meditate.

So you don’t like your job, but need to keep it while you actively find something better? Release the expectation that you should have found a better job already. Embrace the moment you are in and allow yourself to be happy while you wait for and work toward this new transition.

So your grief is too powerful for smiles and sunshine? Release the expectation that you must put on a brave face. Allow yourself to feel the sadness of loss. It’s okay for others to know you are sad. Being sad is not a weakness. It is a valid emotion.

Remember there will be days and moments when life is devastating or annoying. That’s okay. You are capable of overcoming obstacles and moving forward! RELEASE the expectation that you deserve an easy path in life.


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