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How to Tell if a Woman is a Bitch

It’s not always easy to spot a bitch, but once you know what to look for it becomes easier to identify, label and put a woman in a box.
1. She stands up for herself and others. Think Harriet Tubman or Wilma Mankiller.
2. She doesn’t care about your opinion of how she should dress or that you want her to smile. Think Serena Williams or Angelina Jolie.
3. She is comfortable with her sexuality, even if it doesn’t exist in a standard form.
4. She is a feminist who publicly speaks for equality. Think Margaret Cho or Jessica Williams.
Now you now how to spot a bitch. What did I miss? Leave a comment below about how you are a bitch or a bitch you admire.
 I have a seesaw relationship with “bitch”. I don’t like the negative connotations, but at the same time it offends me less and less as I really don’t care about a word holding that much power over me. I get called a bitch when I’m walking down the street and ignore the men who sexually harass me. I get called a bitch by internet trolls when I speak for compassion, and by men who don’t understand my NO is as valid as their yes. I was often called a bitch in school when I stood up for myself or talked back to boys and girls. So, yes I am a bitch most of the time and I have no problem with that.

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