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Forgetting to Be Present in My Self-Care Practice

I admit to failing in my self-love practice. I’ve been focusing on what I don’t have and what is unwanted in my life instead of focusing on what is present. A good friend called me out on what I was saying and doing. She has also been through recovery, and said that for her practicing being present on a daily basis is necessary. She is spot on. I’m always asking people if they are practicing self-care regularly. But am I? Yes and no. I practice mindfulness and positive affirmations daily, and remember to eat healthy and move my body. That’s not enough though. I need to think in the present each day. Solely from her reminder about being in the present, my mood changed. On my walk home I focused on what I have and felt the heaviness that was pushing me down lighten quite a bit.
I journal throughout the week too and that is often when I have a breakthrough thought. These aren’t always huge “Ah-Ha!” moments, but they are breakthroughs when I feel muddled. When I journal, I write everything that comes to mind and eventually it all connects together. I highly recommend journaling.
So the next time you feel stuck, do something; journal, talk with a friend, read a favorite book, break out your self-care tools and find something that helps.
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