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Fierce: A New Generation of Female Empowerment

My Book “Fierce: A New Generation of Female Empowerment” Gets It’s First Amazon Review – 5 Stars!

I got my first Kindle review and it’s a knockout! WooHoo! I’m so excited to see my writing is reaching the right people. Marketing is so challenging, but I’m doing my best to make his work because I love writing and know I can create an income from my passion.

“5.0 out of 5 stars Fierce – A Book That Empowers Girls and Women May 12, 2014, By booklover9,  Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase”

“Author – Leah Oviedo, has done a great service to women by writing this book. It’s about connecting to your true female power, eg – expanding your mind, looking after your body and sexual self, having awareness and educating yourself on issues that primarily effect – the female. In today’s society, ‘girl power’ is often an adage linked with the shallow – eg – materialism, image and sexualization. Leah’s book encourages girls to dig deeper, to connect with their true source of power – their inner selves. I particularly enjoyed the chapter on gender bias and learnt about some things I wasn’t aware of. I highly recommend this book, it is both vital and fierce.”

You can get your own copy of “Fierce” on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Fierce-New-Generation-Female-Empowerment-ebook/dp/B00C2HYEG0


Some other books on the subject of empowering women are:

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Wise Women Don’t Worry, Wise Women Don’t Sing the Blues by Jane Claypool

More Than Just a Girl by Leah Oviedo


feminist writers, learn about feminism, teaching girls feminism, Fierce, Generation of female empowerment
Fierce: A New Generation of Female Empowerment

Feminist Book Needs Reviews!

I wrote “Fierce” as a guide for my younger self to learn dissent and critical thinking about social issues.  I haven’t figured out how to time travel and give the book to myself so now it’s for any young woman or older girl who is ready for a jump-start in feminism and egalitarianism.

Of course as a new writer with a tiny budget it’s hard to reach a large audience and mostly this book has been read by only a handful of teens I already know. So I am asking the readers of this blog to buy a copy at Amazon.com and leave a review. If you love it please write a review on your own blog. It’s only 99 cents at the following link.


More of my work is at Leahis.com

I occasionally buy 99cent- $2.99 e-books so if you wrote one you’d like me to read and leave a review for on Amazon, please share in a comment below with a description and link.

feminist writers, learn about feminism, teaching girls feminism, Fierce, Generation of female empowerment
This is a guide for young women to understand the true meaning of being empowered. Because of lingering inequality we need to learn how to make decisions and question the status quo about our rights. Learn about why and how you can create positive change by teaching yourself to question the status quo, learn critical thinking skills, solve problems, and make healthy decisions. Use the resources in this book to make choices that resonate with your beliefs. Take control of your life and your future. Ultimately it is up to you.




Thanks for your support.

Fierce: A New Generation of Female Empowerment, Social Action

Fierce Fridays: Acceptance and Tolerance

feminist writers, learn about feminism, teaching girls feminism, Fierce, Generation of female empowermentWelcome to week fourteen of sharing excerpts from the book, Fierce: A New Generation of Female Empowerment. This book is for those who have a desire to get the most out of life. Those who want to make positive change, but are not sure how to make it happen. It is for any age female who needs a reminder of how fierce they can be. It is for young women who will soon be out of high school and on their way to college or some other adventure. Share these posts with all the girls and women in your life.  Enjoy!

Acceptance and Tolerance 

  We live in a world with billions of people with different views, personalities and beliefs. It is important for all people to be treated with respect. Hating and judging people is not healthy. You don’t have to like everybody, but hate is a waste of time and a poisonous feeling to share.  It is okay when others believe different than you. They have every right to think, feel, and express those beliefs. It is not up to you or me to restrict anyone from being themselves. You can be any skin color, sexual orientation, or believe in any religion and create positive change. You cannot create positive change based on hate. Judging others is silly. If everybody on this planet had the same beliefs we would stagnate. Our differences inspire creativity.

Our survival as a species relies on working together to share new ideas so we can solve problems. If we refuse to work with people who have different beliefs, than we cannot present a unified front against problems. This means that we cannot work to alleviate poverty, end wars, or stop discrimination. Civil and human rights are not won by a single group of people who are oppressed, but rather by reaching out to others who are not oppressed to use their voices as well. To use a rather corny cliché, “We are all in this together”. As the great social worker and activist Jane Addams said “Civilization is a method of living, an attitude of equal respect for all men.”

  • Why do we think our skin colors affect our knowledge or abilities?
  • Do you have a particular stereotype about someone based on their skin color?
  • Does everyone in the world with the same skin color have the same tastes in politics, entertainment, food, etc.?
  • Is the area you grew up in filled with people who are mostly one skin color or shade similar to yours?
  • If so, how do you feel when you go to an area where your skin color makes you the minority?
  • If it makes you feel uncomfortable is it because of a stereotype you have of the majority of people with that skin color?
  • Why would it bother anyone what your sexual orientation is?
  • Does one sexual orientation make someone good or bad?
  • How do you know for sure what another person feels about their sexual orientation?
  • What would it be like if you grew up in a man’s body and always felt like a woman?
  • Would you feel scared to be yourself?
  • Would you believe the people who tell you what you feel is wrong?
  • Would you have the guts to tell people your true nature or have a sex change operation?
  • Who says that one religion is better than another?
  • Who says that a lack of religion is right or wrong?
  • Which parts of religion are not accepting of others beliefs or lifestyles?
  • Do you feel that your family, culture, traditions, or the media enforces specific stereotypes?
  • How do you feel when someone tells you or implies that something about you is wrong?

What can you do to stamp out stereotypes that cause fear about certain people or certain beliefs? Start by not using them yourself. When family and friends voice negative opinions of a person’s race, religion, country or disability they give you an opportunity to calmly share how that makes you feel bad and ask them why they feel that way. Start a dialogue because even if you do not change someone’s point of view, it gives you a chance to reevaluate how much time you spend with that person. In our families and in tight knit circles of friends it can be impossible to ignore or never see someone that we don’t like, but we can always choose to limit the time we spend around that person. We can instead spend our time to grow relationships with those we do love and get along with.

  LGBTQ! It’s okay to love someone of the same sex or both sexes equally. It is okay to feel like a man in a woman’s body or vice versa. It is okay to have an operation to change your sex so you can be who you truly feel like whom you are inside. It is okay to dress up and make yourself look like someone of a different gender or even both genders at once. The ability to express ourselves is a natural trait.

It is NOT okay to bully or harass a person because they are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer. None of these sexual orientations are wrong. Having a non heterosexual orientation does not make a person evil or a sinner. It is simply the way that person was born. When angry people hurt someone because they are uncomfortable with their orientation, it is a problem they need to fix. The person who is different is not at fault. We cannot be blamed for expressing our true self. It is not okay to try and “cure” someone’s sexual desires. There are clinics that attempt to cure homosexuality. These hateful scams are a way of forcing people to deny their basic humanity and that is not what a change maker does.

  Religion! It’s okay to believe in and worship a God or group of deities of your choosing. It is okay to NOT believe in any God. It is okay to be unsure about religion. It is okay to not believe in any religion. It is okay to believe religion is wrong. It is okay to feel that those who don’t believe in your religion are wrong. It is okay to disagree.

It is not okay to use violence because you think another belief is bad. It is not okay to force your faith onto anyone else. The only reasons for being hateful are ignorance and fear. Look at any particular religion in different countries and you will see how that culture has created differences than other countries. That is because the culture where we live influences how and what we believe. There is a differing opinion across the world that in the cases of Buddhism, Christianity and Islam; Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed were both gods and prophets OR philosophers and teachers. Where you live and what your culture says tends to define the answer.

Race!  It is okay to be biracial and not be forced to choose between one color and another. It is okay to be proud of the contributions that people who look like you have given the world. It is okay to notice different skin colors. It is okay to talk to someone about what it is like to be a certain color in our society.

We all have different skin colors, deal with it. It is not okay to hate based on the color of someone’s skin. It is not okay to spread hate about a race of people. It is not okay to encourage racism. It is not okay to use violence against someone because you feel “their kind” should not be allowed to do something or be somewhere. It is not okay to act superior to someone else because of your skin color…Continue reading at Bookemon.com


Fierce: A New Generation of Female Empowerment, Self Defense

Fierce Fridays: Emotional Self Defense

feminist writers, learn about feminism, teaching girls feminism, Fierce, Generation of female empowerment Welcome to week thirteen of sharing excerpts from the book, Fierce: A New Generation of Female Empowerment. This book is for those who have a desire to get the most out of life. Those who want to make positive change, but are not sure how to make it happen. It is for any age female who needs a reminder of how fierce they can be. It is for young women who will soon be out of high school and on their way to college or some other adventure. Share these posts with all the girls and women in your life.  Enjoy!

Emotional Self Defense

 You are capable of standing up for yourself. Even with precautions and smarts, anyone can be a victim. If you do all that you can and you are still abused, it is not your fault. Abusers come in all sizes, colors, and cultures, they choose to hurt and that is their fault, not the people they hurt. Victim blame is a popular phenomenon of making those who suffer feel as if they did something wrong.  Do not fall into this line of thinking. Yes if you juggle saws and cut your arm, then it is your fault, but getting hurt by someone else after you went into a situation that may or may not be dangerous is still not your fault. We each choose and are responsible for how we treat others. We cannot blame someone else if we hurt them or say they were asking for it.

There are three main keys to prevention.

  • Learn to follow your intuition.
  • Be aware of warning signs
  • Have a strong sense of self worth so you can stand up for yourself and fight back.

Intuition is not some magical quality that only certain people are endowed with. EVERYONE has it. You simply need to be aware of your inner guidance system. Intuition is also called “following your gut” or “listening to your heart”.  Label it however you want. You have it and you have the ability to use it.

  • Do you ever get that feeling in the pit of your stomach or those thoughts in your head that something is not quite right?
  • Have warning bells gone off that are telling you to get out of a situation as soon as possible?
  • Do you think maybe this person has an ulterior motive?
  • Does a story you are being told sound untrue?

Ask your intuition “What should I do in this situation? What will be the best first step?” These answers are all feelings of intuition and you can follow those feelings to keep yourself, your friends and your family safe. Sometimes intuition can also feel like nerves. So until you are really in tune with your inner guide you can look for warning signs.

Record your intuitive decisions in a journal. When you encounter an important event write down what happened, how you felt, what your intuition told you and what action you took. Did you follow your instincts? Did you ignore your instincts? What was the outcome? You can later return to your journal to look for patterns and to see how often you do or don’t listen to yourself and whether something turned out to be a good or bad decision.

!Warning Signs! When you are with new people it is important to listen to what they say and be aware of what they want from you. You can get warning signs from people and places. So be aware of your surroundings too.

  • How do they treat you? If someone treats you with respect you are not as likely to be used or abused. However even than there are warning signs from people who suddenly or slowly change their attitude around you. Do they act different around their family or friends compared to when you are alone?  Like a friend that turns into a bully they begin to put you down maybe as a joke at first and slowly become crueler.
  • Are they being more friendly than usual? A manipulator will often charm you into doing what they want without considering how it may affect you. A popular example of this is when someone you admire asks you to do something that you are not comfortable with, but you do it anyway to prove your worth. Often the asker knows very well that you are going against your gut, but feel they can make you do what they want anyway.
  • Did they just guilt trip you? A manipulator will use guilt as a tool to make you feel as if you should do what they want. They usually cry “poor me” or insist that you always get your way.  Guilt is used when someone feels bad about what they did, to deflect blame, or to get revenge. When you are assaulted with guilt turn the tables. Ask the other person if they are purposely trying to guilt trip you. Ask if they are feeling bad and would like to talk about it. These questions let the person know that you are not visiting guilt town with them. You can then try and find a solution together.
  • Do they say disparaging or negative remarks about others, about gender or race? If your date puts down your gender than they probably will not respect you later on in the relationship.  If your friend has prejudices that you personally find offensive, their view is not likely to change. People often have this idea that we can change someone else so that person is more like us and thus easier to get along with. The flaw in this idea is that real change must come from each individual.

Strange Places and Faces! If you are in an unfamiliar area be aware of your surroundings. Only you can decide if this new place is safe.

  • Is it clean or dirty? If the area you are in is in disrepair or very dirty than the people who are there may not have respect for that area, neighbors, or visitors. This is not a safe place to be. If the place is clean, but the people have a negative attitude it can also be unsafe. So it is important to pay attention to the people and your surroundings.
  • Are you in a well lit or public area with lots of people milling around?  If you are in an isolated area and something happens to you such as an injury, harassment or an attack there may not be anyone to help you.
  • Are other people friendly and polite?
  • Do you feel ignored or are people rude towards you?
  • What will you do if a problem arises?
  • Do you see a place to go for help such as a police station, hospital or welcome center?
  • Are you with someone you trust to stay with you and stand up for you?

Communicate! Use your voice. A lot of problems can be prevented when we clearly communicate what we want, need, and do or do not like. People are not mind readers. You may feel like your attitude is telling people what you think, which is often true but this is a dangerous idea. Saying one thing and acting in an opposing manner will give other people a chance to take advantage of you or think that you want something you don’t.  Keep your words and actions in sync.  Be brave and stand up. Don’t let fear keep you from protecting yourself.

When someone is harassing you tell them that you do not like it and ask them to stop. It is important to use an even tone of voice. Sometimes when we get upset we use a mocking or angry tone. This tone will only escalate the situation by creating a defensive feeling in the other person. Staying calm is also important if you need to report harassment to the authorities or a supervisor. There are occasions where letting your anger shine through can protect you, but this is generally in the face of immediate physical danger, not emotional abuse.

Emotional abusers want to rile you up and make you do something that looks bad on your part. Keeping calm and speaking in an even tone prevents your abuser from holding the power. If they cannot get a reaction out of you they will most likely leave you alone. I have had several instances of harassment where I ignored the person and they left me alone. Here is a list of what you can say to an emotional abuser.

  • I don’t appreciate that sort of talk about women (people/race/religion/orientation).
  • I don’t feel that is funny.  That is not funny to me.
  • Please stop doing that. Please stop saying that.
  • You do not have a right to harass me.
  • This school or job is not an appropriate place to say those things (act that way).
  • I will report you to a supervisor if you continue to harass me.
  • I will call the authorities if you continue to harass me.

It is imperative when dating or in a relationship to communicate your wants and needs in the beginning. From violent break ups and stalkers to date or acquaintance rape some situations can be (but not necessarily will be) avoided by simply communicating and being up front about your feelings, expectations and limits. If you are not looking for a serious relationship than tell your partner from the start. If you do not want to have sex with someone tell them before you go to their apartment. Share your boundaries with them and also with family and friends. This way those you are close to can confirm that you had in fact previously communicated what the other person should expect from you.

  • I like you and want to get to know you, but I am not ready for a sexual (physical) relationship.
  • Kissing does not mean that we will have sex.
  • I don’t want to see you anymore.

If the other person refuses to let you go or leave you alone yell for help.  It is said that yelling the words Fire or Police are more likely to bring help than Help or Rape. If you are in a familiar place than seek help from an authority figure. If they cannot help you find the next person in charge and so on until you can find someone to help you. Communicating your distress is important if you need help. If someone continues to bother you, constantly texts, emails and calls you, or follows you than report them right away. This is basic stalker behavior. They get obsessed with you and can become violent.

Be Strong! Doubting your own strength and capabilities turns you into a victim. Each and every one of us has specific talents and qualities that allow us to solve problems and adapt to new situations. By focusing on those skills you will feel competent and not be afraid to take action.

  • How do you react to stress?
  • How do you naturally respond to stress and pressure from others?
  • Do you become so upset you lash out?
  • Do you get flustered and have a hard time clearly communicating?
  • In what way can that reaction be turned into a positive action?
  • Practice, practice, practice!  Teach yourself to react in a way that does not escalate negative emotions or violence. Remember what you learned in the Stress and Anger Management section. Use those suggestions to train yourself how to react in a healthy way when anyone hassles you …Continue reading at Bookemon.com


Fierce: A New Generation of Female Empowerment, Self Defense

Fierce Fridays: Physical Self Defense

feminist writers, learn about feminism, teaching girls feminism, Fierce, Generation of female empowerment  Welcome to week twelve of sharing excerpts from the book, Fierce: A New Generation of Female Empowerment. This book is for those who have a desire to get the most out of life. Those who want to make positive change, but are not sure how to make it happen. It is for any age female who needs a reminder of how fierce they can be. It is for young women who will soon be out of high school and on their way to college or some other adventure. Share these posts with all the girls and women in your life.  Enjoy!

Physical Self Defense

  Awareness = Prevention: Whether you are walking alone or with a group, day or night, in “good” or “bad” neighborhoods you have to BE AWARE!  If someone gets too close that’s when you make noise. Pull out your phone and make a call, put distance and space between you and them, wave and yell “Hi, Sarah” in the direction of an imaginary friend, cross the street, go inside a store, or start acting crazy and scare them off. If someone get too close firmly and loudly tell them to stop, yell NO, GET BACK, POLICE or FIRE and move away from them. If someone is less than 3 feet from your body that is your personal space and you have the right to fight back.

Legally you can physically fight back once someone touches you.

Freeze Stance: Create a firm position by standing with your legs shoulder length apart. Put your arms up as if you were doing push ups to put space between you. This is classic stance that allows you to deflect any blows to your body. Either extend and straighten your arms with your palms facing out to put distance between you OR bend your elbows and keep your hands closer to your body. Yell or in a firm clear voice say, “NO”, “STOP” or “GET BACK”. If you need to draw attention from others yell “POLICE”, “I NEED HELP” or “FIRE”.

Once you have created a physical boundary with your arms you can use one or all three of the following moves in a combination to stop the attacker.

Palm Strike: Use the heel of your palm to strike the attackers nose, eyes, cheek or forehead. Your goal is to disable the person so you can get away, so when you strike use all your strength. Step forward towards them to give yourself extra momentum. Continue to yell for help as you strike your attacker.

Groin Kick:  Kick as hard as you can. Kick with your foot or use your knee to hit the target. Use all your might to cause enough pain so they cannot hurt you. Remember, if someone is physically attacking you they want to hurt you. Don’t hesitate to hurt them so you can get to a safe place. This is a classic defense move against men because it works!

Knee Strike: This move works best if your attacker bends over from a previous hit. Grab their head or shoulders and pull them down while at the same time lifting your knee up to hit their stomach. Once you have kneed your attacker push them away from you and run to safety.

Wrist Twist: If they grab your arm use your free hand to grab and twist their wrist. Twist it as hard as you can. This will

Backwards Attack: If you are grabbed from behind stomp your foot down and dig your heel into their foot and twist your body back and forth to get out of the hold. Stomp onto their feet as much as possible. You can also propel yourself forward to knock off their balance. Throw your head back into their face. Your skull is heavy and will cause pain. Once your hands are free use the palm strike. Use your leg to kick, and your knee to hit. Run to safety.

Scratch or Bite: Scratch your attackers face, neck or arms to cause pain. Draw blood. Not only does it cause pain to be scratched, it also gives you DNA under your fingernails so if you want to report the crime you will have some proof of who attacked you. If they put a hand over your mouth keep moving your head around until you can bite their hand. You do not need to draw blood, but biting hurts and will help you get away. Don’t freak out about catching germs, if you get blood in your mouth spit it out.

Get AwayNever let an attacker bring you into a car or a building. Once they get you in a car or in their house you will most likely be beaten, raped, tortured, and killed. Smart girls and women do not get in a car with a boy, a man, or a group they barely know. Even if they have a gun or knife you are more likely to survive if you stay in public. Gang rape happens. Sex trafficking happens. Murder happens.  This information is not meant to scare you. It is meant to educate you so you are aware that danger exists and YOU have the power to protect yourself.


A combination of moves allows you to immobilize your attacker so they cannot run after you.  Just one hit may not be enough, so practice these combo moves.  Practice with a friend. Have them hold up a thick cushion or pillow and try different combinations of the above moves.  Remember to be aggressive. If you are attacked, use all your strength and anger to fight back and be a survivor not a victim…Continue reading at Bookemon.com

Fierce: A New Generation of Female Empowerment

Fierce Fridays: Drama, Gossip, and Bullies

feminist writers, learn about feminism, teaching girls feminism, Fierce, Generation of female empowerment   Welcome to week eleven of sharing excerpts from the book, Fierce: A New Generation of Female Empowerment. This book is for those who have a desire to get the most out of life. Those who want to make positive change, but are not sure how to make it happen. It is for any age female who needs a reminder of how fierce they can be. It is for young women who will soon be out of high school and on their way to college or some other adventure. Share these posts with all the girls and women in your life. Let them know the book can be read for free online or that a soft cover book is available for sale at Bookemon.com. Enjoy!

Drama, Gossip, and Bullies

  To put it bluntly if you want to be happy don’t be a bully, don’t gossip about others and don’t let drama consume your life. It is easy to get caught up in drama at school, home, or work. There are as many reasons that enforce this behavior as there are to not participate in it. School can be boring so drama gives you something to look forward too. It also can make you popular by keeping you in the eyes and ears of the school. Gossiping about drama is also an easy way to make friends wherever you are. The downside is drama adds stress and usually involves someone getting hurt.

You don’t have to be big to become a bully. Anyone, even someone with a low IQ can do it, so there is nothing special about being one. Bullies are not better than us, they are emotionally spent with anger, sadness, or fear and bullying is how they learned to make others feel the same as them or to feel a sense of control and order.

A long time ago those who were bullied had a respite at home, but with the rise of technology, cyber bullying allows us to go home and still be bullied via our phones or computers. It is so simple to bully someone without being aware that it is what you are doing. Forward a gossipy or mean text or a tacky photo to a friend who in turn sends it on to another friend and suddenly it spreads like fire. It is also just as simple to stop a bully. If your friends send you a sexy or mocking photo of someone whether a peer or adult, refuse to send it on.

If you took the photo or wrote the text and sent it then own up to it and apologize. What goes around comes around, and you could be the next target. Gossip becomes more hurtful or spiteful as it goes from one person to the next. If you have problems with someone tell them. Remember that your words change depending on whose mouth they exit.

Do you want to put an end to bullying?  Take action. The “It Gets Better” project was started by two men who wanted to put an end to teens who were bullied based on their sexuality. They are both gay and were tormented in school. You can visit ItGetsBetter.org to find support, hear stories and inspirational advice from those that have survived bullying, and to sign their pledge to never be a bully. IGB “…wants to remind teenagers in the LGBT community that they are not alone and it will get better.” *(12)

You can also encourage your school to become a bully free zone with The Bully Project. This campaign goal is to send 1 million students to see a filming of the movie “Bully” and than facilitate a discussion about the bully problem and what can be done to end it at their school. Learn more at TheBullyProject.com and get involved by writing a letter to the project leaders on advice for stopping bullies, getting adults to sign the anti bully pledge, posting a video about your bully experience, planning a bully awareness event and getting your school involved.

As an individual, you can also speak up and stand up to bullies. If you see someone get bullied than help them. If you do not want to face the bully alone, gather your friends and lead them to confront the bully as a group.. Explain to the bully that they are no longer allowed to bully anyone at your school or in your neighborhood. Do NOT use violence when confronting the bully because that could get you into a lot of trouble if they get hurt. Many bullies are abused at home so it is important to never physically attack a bully or to act like them. Lead by example and be one of millions who will no longer stand by and watch a bully hurt someone. If possible try to make friends with the bully. It may be that they are mean because that is all they know to get attention. Even if you don’t become best friends by not being enemies you can create a more peaceful and safe environment.

Are you a mean girl? Have you ever been negatively attacked by a mean girl or group of mean girls? You can take action against the cruel act of gossip and drama. For a long time popular culture has encouraged the idea that it is natural for girls to be catty and mean towards each other when they go through puberty. It feels great to fit in, be popular and have everyone think that you are the coolest and prettiest. But why do we like someone who puts others down and why in the world do we put up with it?

  • Is it natural to be mean?
  • Is it natural to hurt others?
  • Does being feminine mean that you must go through a “mean girl” phase?
  • Is it natural to feel good because you made someone else feel bad?

In 2009 two college women Molly Thompson and Laura Parsekian traveled the country and created a documentary about the problem with girl versus girl bullying. That documentary turned into The Kind Campaign with the goal of ending the “mean girl” type of bullying. They now travel the country hosting assemblies and starting discussions with girls to address this problem.  According to the website, FindkingKind.IndieFlix.com,  “…the root of so many of our problems is a lack of human connection and respect for others…. Although we have all been victims, we also share responsibility. None of us can say that we never said or did something wrong to another female. It’s important to recognize that we all need to change our habits.”

Change is up to you and you have the power to make it happen. Rally your friends together and discuss how you can stop mean girl behavior.

Use your words to stop bullying before it gets out of hand. Some people are ignorant or do not understand how hurtful teasing is because that person thinks they are just goofing around. Oftentimes confronting a harasser causes them to go on the defensive. Be aware of these responses to your complaint. The following is a sample of what a bully will say when you tell them they are being a jerk and need to stop. Below that are sample responses you can use in return.

  • I was only joking.
  • Why can’t “you people” ever take a joke?
  • Just because you don’t like to have fun doesn’t mean the rest of us have to suffer.
  • You are being overly sensitive.
  • You can’t tell me what to do.
  • You are such a prude.
  • Oh you are one of those “feminist” women.
  • What are you like a (fill in the ignorant term)? Do you hate (the bully’s gender, race or orientation)?
  • You’re a loser and should get lost.

Retorts like the ones listed above are aggravating and are said with the intent to embarrass you or make you second guess yourself. They are not valid, but rather immature and mean spirited. You can reply with the following responses.

  • It’s not a joke if it makes other people feel bad.
  • Jokes are funny; it is not funny to “tease” somebody about their race, gender, or beliefs.
  • I do not appreciate that you are trying to make me into the bad guy here. I am simply expressing my discomfort at your negative attitude towards my skin color/religion/ nation of birth/ gender/ homosexuals.
  • Just because you have a limited sense of humor doesn’t mean I can’t take a joke.
  • I am not being sensitive. You are being rude.
  • I am not telling you what to do. I am asking you to be respectful at school/work. You can say whatever you like on your own time.
  • Being a prude has nothing to do with it. I do not like what you are saying/doing and I am asking you to stop because it makes me feel uncomfortable. Would you like it if I made jokes about the size of your penis or intelligence?
  • Feminism is simply a movement that says women are equal to men. Why do you feel so insecure towards that idea?
  • Calling someone a lesbian or man hater is not a good comeback.  We are not in elementary school anymore. You have the choice to act like an adult.
  • We all have a right to be here and be safe. Your bully attitude is making people feel unsafe.

Anti-Harassment Bill of Rights

I have a right to not be harassed at work or school.

I have a right to fight back against harassment.

My gender, race, and culture are not a joke.

No other person has a right to harass, threaten or abuse me.

It is not okay for my teacher, other students, supervisor, or coworkers to harass me.

I respect myself and will respect others despite our differences.

I will not gossip about other students or coworkers.

I will not gang up on anyone else for fun, to feel like a part of a group, or to protect myself.

I will stand up for anyone who is harassed at school or work.

I will report any harassment to a teacher or supervisor.

If nobody at school stops my harassment, I will contact the OCR Office of Civil Rights) ocr@ed.gov or 1-877-521-2172

If nobody at work stops my harassment, I will contact the EEOC(Equal Employment Opportunity Center) http://www.eeoc.gov or 1-800-669-4000…Continue reading at Bookemon.com


Fierce: A New Generation of Female Empowerment

Fierce Fridays: You Are What You Eat

feminist writers, learn about feminism, teaching girls feminism, Fierce, Generation of female empowerment  Welcome to week ten of sharing excerpts from the book, Fierce: A New Generation of Female Empowerment. This book is for those who have a desire to get the most out of life. Those who want to make positive change, but are not sure how to make it happen. It is for any age female who needs a reminder of how fierce they can be. It is for young women who will soon be out of high school and on their way to college or some other adventure. Share these posts with all the girls and women in your life. Let them know the book can be read for free online or that a soft cover book is available for sale at Bookemon.com. Enjoy!

You Are What You Eat

  The fuel that keeps your body going is very important. Unfortunately a lot of food that is available is full of chemical preservatives, sugars and toxins. Yes it is great that technology has increased the shelf life of food so that it can go farther, but all the extra stuff we put into our food so it can stay good longer isn’t great for our health.

We put additives, preservatives, flavors, and colorings in all our processed food, produce and meat so it is more appetizing, but many of us are allergic to these ingredients. Some studies show all these fillers contribute to very serious problems like asthma, birth defects, and cancer. *(8)

The high amounts of sugar and starch in our diets contributes to obesity and diabetes. Sodas, coffees and energy drinks give us limited energy and too much causes our bodies to crash.  Look for whole and unprocessed foods that are grown closer to home. The shorter trip from the farm to your plate means less preservatives and additives to keep the food palatable. It’s not just the fillers that can cause health problems. There has been an ongoing debate for decades between organic versus conventional food and more recently GMO crops.

Organic food is grown without the use of any synthetic or chemical pesticides and fertilizers which means there are no added toxins. Organic pesticides come from naturally occurring plants and fungi. To encourage strong healthy plants fertilizers such as manure and compost are used. The naturally occurring treatments target specific plants or insects so there is no unintended damage to the actual crops.

Conventional food is sprayed with synthetic chemicals which destroys insects, rodents, invasive weeds, and fungi, but also contaminates the food crops, surrounding wildlife and the people who work on the farms. While it may not be extremely toxic to eat food grown conventionally, it is definitely toxic to the farm workers who work in the fields, to the wildlife, and to our environment.

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) foods are plants that had genes from another source implanted to improve their performance and be resistant to insects, disease or pesticides. Relatively new, there has been a limited amount of testing with varying results about the safety, or usefulness of introducing these plants into our food system.

We know that chemical pesticides are harmful to humans and our ecosystem. However giant corporations with all their profits at stake in the chemical industry have plenty of money to lobby in politics to create and change laws so their products can be sold. This affects whether or not the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) can deny toxins being allowed in our food. Two great example of corporate greed with little regard for human life are Monsanto and Dow Chemical Company. They are two of the largest profiteers of chemical pesticides so of course they will say it is safe to spray food with their products or distribute GMO food. They do this with scientific tests to back up their claim. The problem is these tests are done by scientists on their payroll who have an interest in protecting their jobs.

Monsanto and Dow along with six other companies are famous for distributing Agent Orange, a chemical used in the Vietnam war in the 1960’s. Agent Orange was used to destroy a jungle of vegetation so that soldiers from the US could fight easier in a terrain where the opposing local army had an edge. The effect of this chemical are still seen in Vietnam as even today children are born with birth defects from residue that still exists. There is a lot of profit in the pesticide industry because farmers can spend less to spray larger areas of crops and make more money. *(9)

Organic farms require more work which causes the price of food to go up. Price may be a determining factor in how much you can spend on food, but the costs of pollution and health problems are much higher. Birke Baehr is only 12 years old and he understands the importance of organic and sustainable farming.*(10) He is an internationally celebrated speaker, author and future farmer. He published a book called “Birke on the Farm” about the industrialized food system and offers solutions based on using and supporting local, organic and sustainable food. You can get involved with encouraging alternatives to toxic pesticides with information from BirkeOnTheFarm.com, and BeyondPesticides.org which has a resource page for activists. OrganicConsumers.org also has great information and a page for taking action on encouraging organic sustainable, non-toxic farming. Look online for a local organic community garden or organic garden co-op to get involved.

  • How do you feel about eating food that is sprayed with chemicals?
  • How do you feel knowing that food you buy may have been harvested by people exposed to toxins that cause them health problems?
  • Is it important to eat food that is not sprayed with chemicals?
  • If these toxins cause health issues, create damage to the environment, and kill wildlife why are they still legal?

Some people put toxic chemicals directly into their own bodies on purpose. Drugs, alcohol and cigarettes are pervasive in our culture. Many of us are introduced to these activities about Jr. High or Middle school and we continue to see the message in movies, music, and literature. If experimenting with drugs interests you then conduct some research and find out what the drugs are made from, what the biological effects are, and what risks are involved.

There are drugs considered “healthy’ because they plant based which is not the most solid reasoning since being natural or a plant does not make something safe for consumption. Other drugs are cooked up in kitchens and bathtubs with seriously toxic ingredients. Meth is famous for the happy feeling users get, but it is made with highly dangerous chemicals such as drain cleaner or battery acid. That’s really gross!  Don’t forget the increased chance of being suspended from school, losing privileges at home, death, brain damage, and jail.

Alcohol isn’t better, you get that buzz from the alcohol attacking your cells and too much can actually slow your respiratory system enough so that you stop breathing. Excess drinking is bad for your liver which can only filter out so many toxins. Liver failure/Cirrhosis is NOT fun. Look online for patients who need dialysis machines to get a better idea of how bad it really is.

Cigarettes may be legal and seem harmless, but have you seen the way it destroys skin and causes wrinkles? Plus there are the nasty effects it has on your lungs and anyone around you who is breathing in your smoke. Access to clean air is something we expect for ourselves, family and friends, but when we smoke we are part of polluting that air. Cigarettes are made with hundreds of ingredients in that tiny little roll of paper. You may not feel the negative effects of smoking for years, but you can bet that the environment does.

There are trillions of cigarette butts littering our land and water, leaching toxic chemicals that kill wildlife and cause lasting damage for everyone. It takes years for cigarette butts to degrade. Have you ever walked down the street and seen piles of cigarettes at an intersection or near a bar? We don’t need countless studies to show the negative effect of cigarettes when all we have to do is look at the ground. *(11)

Our actions have consequences. Driving while drunk or high is dangerous because even though it is easy to drive while tipsy, operating a ton of steel while you are incapacitated means that your reaction time is delayed.

If you are pregnant and consume alcohol you are putting your baby at risk for fetal alcohol syndrome causing mental and physical deformities. The opinion you create about recreational drugs and drinking depends on your culture, family, friends, and personal or religious beliefs. Go online to DrugFreeWorld.org and AddictScience.com or research the most common recreational drugs in books and with other online sources. If you want to stop using drugs or alcohol find a support group such as Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous, QuitSmokingSupport.com, or call the Alcohol and Drug Hotline  1-800-527-5344. The decision is up to you.

  • Why do you want to try drugs or drink?
  • Is it simple curiosity?
  • Are you emulating someone you admire?
  • Do you feel pressured to use drugs or drink to excess?
  • Is it expected so you will fit in?
  • Is this pressure from your friends?
  • Why would a real friend insist that you use drugs or drink?
  • Is it expected that “people like you” use drugs and alcohol?
  • Are you rebelling against authority?
  • Alcohol and drugs both impair our ability to react and function. So why is alcohol legal while drugs are illegal?
  • …. Continue reading at Bookemon.com