Feminist Book Needs Reviews!

I wrote “Fierce” as a guide for my younger self to learn dissent and critical thinking about social issues.  I haven’t figured out how to time travel and give the book to myself so now it’s for any young woman or older girl who is ready for a jump-start in feminism and egalitarianism.

Of course as a new writer with a tiny budget it’s hard to reach a large audience and mostly this book has been read by only a handful of teens I already know. So I am asking the readers of this blog to buy a copy at Amazon.com and leave a review. If you love it please write a review on your own blog. It’s only 99 cents at the following link.


More of my work is at Leahis.com

I occasionally buy 99cent- $2.99 e-books so if you wrote one you’d like me to read and leave a review for on Amazon, please share in a comment below with a description and link.

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This is a guide for young women to understand the true meaning of being empowered. Because of lingering inequality we need to learn how to make decisions and question the status quo about our rights. Learn about why and how you can create positive change by teaching yourself to question the status quo, learn critical thinking skills, solve problems, and make healthy decisions. Use the resources in this book to make choices that resonate with your beliefs. Take control of your life and your future. Ultimately it is up to you.




Thanks for your support.

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