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Book Review: “Don’t Hit Me: A Fragmented Journey Through Domestic Violence

“Don’t Hit Me!: A Fragmented Journey Through Domestic Violence” by Vanessa de Largie is a well written, but a sadly realistic account of the way domestic violence weakens and destroys women through a slow breakdown of their mental and physical self.
I recommend this book for anyone who is trying to understand what it’s like for a victim of domestic abuse. It will surely give you a better vision of the this violent social issue. Written during the tormenting years of pain she endured from her partner, the poetry is often graphic, and paints an uncomfortable picture of what victims suffer through on a daily basis. Vanessa pushes front and center the mental anguish that accompanied her physical abuse and makes no apologies for taking readers on a journey as dark as hers.
From my previous work in the area of domestic violence, I found this collection to be a realistic account of what so many people go through while in the clutches of a violent partner. Like all forms of violence it is painful, degrading, and terrifying. Unlike other forms of violence it plays out quietly, growing stronger with each act of aggression, and unfortunately since it plays out behind closed doors it is easy to ignore.
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