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A Letter To My Sisters Who Are Suffering

Please listen to these words. Don’t just hear them, listen.

You are whole. Deep inside you have all the knowledge you need to live healthy and loving. 

I can see that truth resonating out of you. I can also see that you have forgotten. It’s okay. You are okay. I forgot too. For so long I thought I was bad, that I made bad choices, that I was unhealthy, unwhole. I thought ‘if only’ and ‘shouldn’t have’, ‘should have’ and ‘why didn’t I choose better?’. We are not bad for thinking that, but we don’t have to think that. We are okay. We are not bad, we are not wrong. We are good and we are deserving.

 You are whole, but maybe part of your mind is telling you lies. Maybe your mental immune system is under attack. Maybe you are seeing things that aren’t there. Maybe you are believing things that aren’t true. I don’t know what you are going through. I can only guess and imagine your pain. Yet I know pain and depression, and what it’s like to have my mental immune system under attack. I lived in fear, depression, doubt and lies for most of my life. One day I chose to heal. I chose to be open to other ways of living.  From what I can feel and see of you, it seems like you might be ready to open up to something new, something beautiful and healing too.

 I will hold your hand and walk with you. I will hold your heart and love you unconditionally. Without judgement I will hold space for you to choose what you need. You are whole and deep inside you know what you need. Deep inside you know how to love yourself.



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