D.I.Y. Therapy

DIY Therapy: Biological Response of Love and Love of Self

Love is an emotion, a biological response that encourages species survival. With love, parents care for and protect their children and children care for their elderly parents. A love of self is also a biological response that encourages survival in personal self-care. So let’s strengthen the naturally occurring sense of self-love. with daily actions.

Create a daily routine of self-love. If necessary set three reminders per day. Saturating yourself with love in the early stages of healing or recovery will keep you from going down that unwanted, unhealthy space. Set the calendar on your phone to remind you. If you can’t do that, put sticky notes by your bed, at your desk, in your pockets, on the fridge, wherever you will see those. You can even do this with your friends and be support for each other.

When writing affirmations or love-notes your own voice and preferred words. Below are examples for you to use or build upon.

Morning Affirmation: 

“This morning I choose to love myself unconditionally. Today is a gift that I am ready to receive. I choose to let go of drama and anger. I will live this day in love and compassion. I am deserving of self-love.”

Afternoon Affirmation:

“Despite any negative thoughts so far today, I must remember to love myself unconditionally. I know that I am loved and supported by true friends and family. I also know that I am not here to be perfect, I am here to be myself.”

Evening Affirmation:

“Today I practiced self-love because I know that. I am loved, that I am capable of loving myself, and that I am made of love. I choose to celebrate my successes and to accept my failures. I go to sleep knowing deep in my bones that I am capable of creating my best life and that I can handle whatever comes my way.”

It was many years of practice, failure, and success to become a loving person to my self. It was even more years of stretching to share that love with others. Now that I am fully aware that I can be my own hero, I can hold space for others. I hope this inspires you to continue your journey until you also reach this awareness.

Peace and hugs, Leah

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