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Cultivating Support – Journal Prompt

As I embark on an adventure in Costa Rica, I have started journaling what I need for the next six weeks. Whether you are going on an adventure or just need more support in your daily life, I encourage you to start journaling. Write and manifest the support you need for your emotional and physical health.
  • What do I need to feel loved?
  • Am I receiving sufficient support from myself?
  • Which of my needs require support from others?
  • Who can I call for support when I feel sad or apathetic?
  • Which people in my network are able to support specific goals?
  • How can I reach out to my support system? Via phone, text, email or in person?
  • How much alone time do I need and how much socializing do I need?
  • Which self-care tools do I enjoy the most?
  • Do I need to set stronger boundaries? If so, where?
These are just a handful of questions that can help you focus on what you need. You don’t have to answer all at once, but the deeper you dive into your self-care/recovery work the more you benefit. This is a journal prompt you can do more than once. Bookmark this page in your journal to remind you that is okay, in fact it is necessary to feel supported and to ask for support when you need it.
Peace and hugs, Leah
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Empowering Discussions

The Sharing Community – The First Step in Gifting Vegetable Plants to My Neighbors

 We all have gifts to give. I’m not talking about things that you can buy, but unique talents that shine through to make life better, happier, easier and more fulfilling for ourselves and others. One of my gifts is gardening. I LOVE digging in the soil, planting, pulling weeds, discovering bugs, finding beautiful rocks and seeing a patch of dirt transform into a leafy green, vibrant food ‘factory’.

For the past few years my focus has steadily turned to the pressing need for fresh food in our urban areas. Our cities have become food deserts, condemning millions of us to eating processed food laden with artificial flavors, pesticides, and unlabeled GMO’s. We deserve better than this. I intend to be one of many leaders who bring fresh, whole food back to our cities so that everyone, no matter their economic situation or where they live, can create healthier lives and be part of the food revolution.

For a while now I daydreamed of being able to create organic vegetable gardens in yards and apartment balconies throughout San Diego. I never really knew how to do it, but I had a dream. After a while I decided it was time to make this happen. Why wait any longer? I decided to be brave and ask for help. As adults we’re taught that we should be able to handle anything and succeed on hard work alone. More often than not we need much more than hard work and luck to succeed and this stops most of us from ever following through on our passions, moving forward in our careers or healing from our wounds. Asking for help is NOT a sign of weakness, but instead shows we are not afraid to step up and say we can’t do something on our own. Together we are so much more!

I’m so often amazed at how powerful asking is. Once I began to garden and grow my own food, I decided to grow vegetable seedlings that I could gift to my community, but I didn’t have money for seeds, containers and good soil. So I sent a request on Facebook asking friends and fellow group members for seeds. The responses were so positive. I received over 20 packets of organic vegetable seeds and a few flowers, from strangers! I asked for soil and received a large bag of dirt. I needed containers and looked online for advice on free containers. I learned that clean, paper egg containers make great starter plugs. So I salvaged some out of my neighbors recycle bins.

Now I have tomatoes, parsley, lettuce and radishes sprouting in my room. I’M ACTUALLY GROWING FOOD!

2015-09-04 07.55.36

When these grow bigger they’ll be moved outside where they can get sun and grow big enough to gift to others. Once those move outside I can plant more seeds and continue the cycle of gifting food to my community. This only happened because I asked. Are you wiling to ask for what you need to move forward?  Use these resources:


INSPIRATIONAL TED TALK: The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer


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