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Cultivating Support – Journal Prompt

As I embark on an adventure in Costa Rica, I have started journaling what I need for the next six weeks. Whether you are going on an adventure or just need more support in your daily life, I encourage you to start journaling. Write and manifest the support you need for your emotional and physical health.
  • What do I need to feel loved?
  • Am I receiving sufficient support from myself?
  • Which of my needs require support from others?
  • Who can I call for support when I feel sad or apathetic?
  • Which people in my network are able to support specific goals?
  • How can I reach out to my support system? Via phone, text, email or in person?
  • How much alone time do I need and how much socializing do I need?
  • Which self-care tools do I enjoy the most?
  • Do I need to set stronger boundaries? If so, where?
These are just a handful of questions that can help you focus on what you need. You don’t have to answer all at once, but the deeper you dive into your self-care/recovery work the more you benefit. This is a journal prompt you can do more than once. Bookmark this page in your journal to remind you that is okay, in fact it is necessary to feel supported and to ask for support when you need it.
Peace and hugs, Leah
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