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We The Lonely People

I love myself completely, totally, fully.
My self love practice includes learning about the parts of my heart I don’t understand. It’s not an enjoyable process, but I know from experience that it creates more peace in my life.
Is your self-love practice more than manicures and meditation?  Are you stretching yourself?
I know how difficult it is when you don’t have a support group close by. Mine is quite scattered. I feel lonely very often, but I know that I am worth the moon and the stars. We, the lonely people need and deserve to love ourselves completely, totally, fully as much as anyone does. Keep trying and I will hold your heart in my heart.
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Empowering Discussions


Can’t is a terrible word. It climbs up my throat and jumps out of my mouth, but doesn’t leave.
Stop me, block me, push me farther into myself.
Pull me away from the world. Allow me to hide.
Can’t is always followed by a lie, an imaginary excuse to justify.
Can is the word that lingers in my eyes, not quite reaching my tongue. Yes I Can. It’s what I see.
No I Can’t. It’s what I say.
Another word that must be banished. My list fills up with words that let me cry myself to sleep every night.
Oh if only you knew that when I say Can’t I really mean Can, but I am too afraid.