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Money Guilt and Privilege

Yesterday I was chatting about earning more money with my friend Clarice Connolly (Check out her awesomeness) and she asked if I had considered dog walking. I jokingly said, after this current dog sit for an anxious dog who glares at me, I would never do it again. What I realized in that moment is I’m done with focusing my energy on jobs that help pay the bills, yet don’t resonate with me and have nada in common with my goals. Another realization was that I have felt very guilty about my privilege of being able to get by when others are less fortunate. My being poor and my guilt doesn’t stop their suffering. It only adds new suffering to our community.
I feel so much joy with my new mindset of earning what I am worth and knowing that if I continue focusing on writing and creative work, I will continue to succeed. Just a few years ago I would only occasionally find odd writing jobs. It was frustrating, but it didn’t need to be. All that time, I have been building my writing portfolio. I simply wasn’t looking at it like that. I am good at it and my client reviews are 4-5 star.
As my perspective shifts I am feeling a shift in my whole body and my heart. It’s wild, I love it an I’m not going back to my old addictions of guilt and poverty.
Check out the previous post on my new definition of rich.

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