Returning Home

On one hand, being in another country for six weeks didn’t seem very long to me after traveling nonstop for several months.  On the other hand, six weeks in a country I had never visited where the majority spoke a language that I barely grasped, seemed way too long.Now that I have returned to San Diego, I feel like six weeks was just perfect for my first adventure in Costa Rica. Yes, I could have stayed a little longer, but I feel so fresh and rejuvenated that I am experiencing an exorbitant amount of gratitude for that time. While I was there, I painted a mural, built a garden fence, helped build a foot bridge and made new friends. Monkeys climbed trees outside my room, toucans were as common as seagulls and I saw a pizote, an animal that doesn’t exist in North America.

My life before Costa Rica consisted of hours in front of a computer or tied to my phone, constant activities, errands to run and a feeling of never doing enough. For the last six weeks, I had none of that. Instead I experienced a slower pace, a different culture and a physical renewal from living in the jungle. I was relaxed on a daily basis. This latest adventure was uniquely beautiful and uniquely quiet. I didn’t zipline across the jungle or summit mountains. I wasn’t there for thrills. I was gifted an opportunity for something new and I never want to forget that.

With my return and my gratitude, I will give a little extra to all of my patrons. This May when you receive your perks in the mail, you will receive a bonus art print. This print is of a nature piece I made while in Costa Rica(image below). You will either receive a print size of 5×7 or 8×10, depending on your contribution level. (If you aren’t a patron, sign up today to receive art prints delivered to you each month).

To all my patrons, thank you so much for supporting my art and writing these past months. Without your support it would be much more difficult and not as inspiring.


I’m an artist and writer on a mission to bring healing arts into the mainstream. If you would like to support my heart work, please consider becoming a monthly patron on For $1 a month, you can fund programs like my D.I.Y. Therapy: Healing Depression E-course, my monthly “Radical” e-zine and other creative healing projects, like “Cultivating Radical Self-Love: A Collaboration of Healers, Artists & Writers“.

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