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The 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge from the Love Warrior Community

This November the Love Warrior Community has started a 30 day gratitude challenge. I LOVE this kind of challenge. In a world with so much pain, fear and anger, finding gratitude can give us the extra energy we need to be the change we want to see.

“When you make a commitment to a gratitude practice – it’s healing… November’s Self-Love Diet Writing prompt is to make a commitment to gratitude, and then witness what manifests.” Read More at lovewarriorcommunity.com/30-day-self-love-diet-gratitude-challenge

Gratitude is quite a radical idea these days. We constantly absorb messages that we need more, we need new, we need something that we don’t have if we want to be happy. How loco is that?  I learned that happiness comes from within. It’s a seed that you water and cultivate until it is ever-present in your life.

For those of us who always want more why is it so hard to appreciate what we have?

I was never much into the idea of gratitude until I spent many years being so unhappy that my existence became a chore. So much so that I wished for oblivion, though I never attempted suicide. Experiencing the pain after a close friend kill himself when I was 14 convinced me that was a pain I could never inflict on my loved ones. I simply wished for a quick accidental death. By practicing gratitude and many other therapeutic exercises(read my D.I.Y. Therapy posts) I learned to create a healthier mind with thoughts that build me up instead of tearing me to pieces.

I’ve learned to be grateful for past pains, for current obstacles and for whatever future comes my way. Now there are more happy and grateful days and fewer unhappy and ungrateful days. Now I wish for as much time as possible so I can actively create the world I want to see.

The 30 day gratitude challenge offers 3 different ways to practice gratitude including a gratitude jar, gratitude journal and morning gratitude exercise. Check it out at Lovewarriorcommunity.com/30-day-self-love-diet-gratitude-challenge

Here is my first statement of gratitude.


1. They are always there to help me.

2. We don’t judge or degrade each other.

3. We love each other unconditionally.

4. We have fun when we are together.

5. I feel comfortable and happy when I’m with my family.

Join in, and tag your posts on Facebook with #SLD30DayGratitudeChallenge

Join the challenge: Lovewarriorcommunity.com/30-day-self-love-diet-gratitude-challenge




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3 thoughts on “The 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge from the Love Warrior Community”

  1. Thank you Leah, I am grateful for you and all you contribute to the world. You are definitely a Love Warrior, with the plaque to prove it! 🙂 Blessings to you and all of your endeavors,


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