D.I.Y. Therapy

D.I.Y. Therapy: Setting Intention and Committng to Heal. Are You Ready?

Are you ready to heal?

You must answer YES for any of my guidance to help. If you aren’t ready and willing to end your depression the following advice and resources won’t help. The hard truth is real sustainable healing starts within your own mind and body.

I wasn’t ready for a long time, but there came a day when I realized that the only thing I was ready for was to heal. Without healing my depression, my grief and my fears I knew nothing I created would ever be whole. I would never really be happy or balanced.

Be prepared. You must create a solid attitude adjustment if you want to heal. Ending depression doesn’t happen overnight. You might feel great after reading this and doing the exercises in my D.I.Y. Therapy Series, ut if you don’t commit to long-term action your depression will return. For most of us depression is a life long issue. It may never go away completely, but we can continue to live through each stage and move forward for better futures. Each time you’re able to stop depression from taking hold you will get stronger and it will become easier to stop.

Life is filled with stress, failures, grief and loss. These will knock you off-balance and bend you into a pretzel, but with determination you can always straighten yourself and return to center. Remember that only you are in control.

Say it out loud!




The dirtiest job will be facing your fears.

For me it was facing the fear of failure. I used to allow that fear to stop me from trying very hard. More and more though I am able to stop my fear and remind myself that it is okay to fail. It is okay because I love myself unconditionally and refuse to allow fear to beat me down.

So….. are you ready to heal?

If you answered YES start reading my D.I.Y. Therapy Series.



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