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Book Review: “When All Balls Drop; The Upside Of Losing Everything”

When All Balls Drop; The Upside Of Losing Everything” by Heidi Seifkas

One moment Heidi was taking out the trash and the next she woke up in the hospital because a tree limb fell, crushing her body and knocking her unconscious. On top of that she discovered her husband was cheating on her. Stuck in the hospital and then a brace for many months she lost her independence, her ability to work and her marriage. Yet despite this trauma Heidi was able to heal, find hope and regain her power. Her transparency about a terrible time in her life made this a refreshing read.

My favorite parts of her story are the moments when she openly shares her fears and problems with family and friends and even an occasional stranger. When Heidi shared her experience about the accident and her husbands infidelity others responded with their own similar problems offerng advice and empathy. An important lesson I’ve embraced is that reaching out to others can be so healing. It offers us the chance to receive empathy when we need it most. Empathy is very important in a world with so many challenges and such strife. It also allows us to connect with others on a deeper level. As social animals we can give and get so much more from life when we take the chance to connect with others. I highly recommend being brave and sharing honestly with your family and friends. By connecting deeper we can create stronger relationships and closer communities.

The tree limb itself didn’t upend her life, but it was the catalyst that pushed her to make hard decisions that would change her life direction and allow her to take a new journey. Have you ever experienced a sudden change or loss that shook you to the core and created a new outlook on life or forced you to change unhealthy habits? If not, do you feel ready for change, for something new? You don’t have to wait for tragedy to strike before you make changes. If you need inspiration get this book and see what golden nuggets you can glean from Heidi’s experience and use in your own life. Through deeply personal anecdotes she shares the light and dark sides of a major health issue, divorce and regaining her physical independence.

In the midst of pain, grief and loss it can be hard to see any light at the end of a dark tunnel. However I’ve often noticed that those moments and years which are so challenging become important parts of our journeys, shaping us as they shake us to our core. In the epilogue Heidi writes, “After nine months of the most painful, challenging obstacles I had faced in my life, I understood that on that September afternoon, I had not been at the wrong place at the wrong time; I was at the right place at the right time.”

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2 thoughts on “Book Review: “When All Balls Drop; The Upside Of Losing Everything””

  1. Thank you for this review! When I hear from readers that my book resonated with them or inspired them in some way, it just further solidifies the reason why I chose to become an author. This book will inspire you to not only survive life’s obstacle, but thrive. Here’s to looking up!


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