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Is the Intimidation of Change and the Great Unknown Slowing You Down? Maybe it’s Time for a Pilgrimage.

Life. What an adventure!

I’ve been slowly changing my career focus from freelance administration to something with more creativity(and less time staring at a computer) to feed my waning lust for life. It’s been a very slow process because change is intimidating and the unknown is a bit unnerving.

With a mother who liked to relocate, I was raised on constant change. Even though it took many adult years of growing braver(I teach self-defense after all) this did eventually teach me to brave and search out adventure. Sometimes though I get so distracted by the comforts of the familiar or exhausted by my struggle that I go TOO slow and get mired in doubt.

Just a few minutes ago I was feeling the need for a break from work that was putting me to sleep so I visited the Virtual Vinyasa​ site. There I found inspiration in the words of the founder, Jaimie, who I recently met through my friend Kelly. She invited me to attend Jaimies bon voyage celebration as she set off on a pilgrimage for her new yoga project. Smartly I had bookmarked her site in my browser so it was easy to rediscover on this slow-moving day.

Her story of how she prepared for a new project reminded me that to move forward I must take action. This means not focusing on actions that I feel obligated to do because it’s “normal”, but to focus my intention on the change I want to see. Maybe she will inspire you too.


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