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Back and Better Than Ever: The Hollaback App Allows Women to Instantly Share Street Harassment on Social Media

I don’t know any women who don’t have at least one story of being harassed or disrespected as they walk on the sidewalk. Street harassment happens to little prepubescent girls as well as full-grown women, women in hijabs, women on bikes, and women of all ages, colors, religions and backgrounds. Eventually I became resigned to this as a fact of life until…. iHollaback!(read my interview with founder Emily May here).

 Hollaback encourages women to do exactly as the name implies and record and report street harassment. Now they have a revved up app that helps women and girls to do even more. This new app allows users to map and track their experiences of street harassment and share their personalized “street harassment maps” on social media.

We know that movements start because people tell their stories. In the last 5 years, we’ve seen the public conversation on street harassment change drastically as people stand up and share their experiences. This new app not only allows for individuals to share their stories, but to map and share their daily realities of street harassment on social media – that’s taking the conversation to the next level.” Emily May, executive director and co-founder of Hollaback!.

GET THE APP on ITUNES or GOOGLE PLAY. Get involved at ihollaback.org

As a self-defense instructor I highly recommend using the app and protect yourself. Harassment is wrong and with your help we can put an end to the idea that it’s just a fact of life.


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